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Youtubers – Leroy Sanchez

Hi! :)

I had mentioned it a while ago that I wanted to write about the youtubers I watch, and mostly about my favourite ones. The day has come, it’s the first post of this ’series’, which I’m very excited about, since I love talking about youtubers and Youtube in general. I thought I will start with one of my favourite person on Youtube, Leroy Sanchez.

Leroy has been on Youtube for over 8 years now, which is really crazy to think about, almost right after Youtube had been created. He is a 23-year-old Spanish singer and songwriter, who currently lives in Los Angeles. He happened to be one of the first people who I’d found on Youtube, which is insane. I have known him for about 4 years, and he still is one of the best artists out there I think. His voice is amazing, unique, beautiful and very calming. I have loved every single song he’s covered and it’s just so nice to listen to him. Continue reading Youtubers – Leroy Sanchez