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Songs Of The Month – October

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It’s finally November, my favourite month of the year! This means it’s another list of my favourite songs of the month. Lots of my favourite artists released new music in October, so in this month’s post the list only contains songs of musicians, which I listen to on a regular basis (expect for The Girl and the Dreamcatcher). The songs are not in any particular order.

  1. Love Me – The 1975
  2. Hey Everybody! – 5 Seconds Of Summer
  3. Hands Of Love – Miley Cyrus
  4. Me & The Rhythm – Selena Gomez
  5. Written In The Stars – The Girl and the Dreamcatcher
  6. Typical Me – Ella Eyre Continue reading Songs Of The Month – October

Revival – Selena Gomez (Album)

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One of my favourite pop artists, Selena Gomez, has released a new album, called Revival. I can’t think of how long I had been waiting for it, but the time finally came today. I have supported her since the very beginning and it’s an incredible feeling to see her music and talent grow. I wouldn’t say she is the best singer in the world, because she definitely is not. Her voice is very soft and weak, but she improved a lot over the past few years and she’s getting better and better. I am very proud of her, I think this album really is her revival and it’s her time. It’s a lot different from “Stars Dance“, her previous album, which was very upbeat. However, this album is a lot softer, sophisticated and elegant. The songs on the album are very personal and meaningful, so I feel honoured to get the opportunity of listening to the album. Since it only was released today, I haven’t listened to it that much, but I think I have my favourites in my mind, which I will highlight by writing the title of the songs using bold letters. Here is the list of songs from the deluxe version.

Selena_Gomez_-_Revival_(Official_Deluxe_Cover) Continue reading Revival – Selena Gomez (Album)

Songs Of The Month – September

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A month later, I’m here again with another Songs Of The Month post. September was an exciting month considering music. I listened to lots of my favourites’ songs, I think there is only one song which I hadn’t known the author of. I fell in love again with Ella Eyre, I listened to her album a lot throughout the month – and possibly got to love her even more, she’s a great talent. Let’s get to the list! The songs are not in any particular order.

  1. Good Times – Ella Eyre
  2. FOOLS – Troye Sivan
  3. Ditmas – Mumford & Sons
  4. Walk – Kwabs
  5. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld Continue reading Songs Of The Month – September

September Update

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School started two weeks ago and I have been so busy! Especially this year, I am trying to do my best at school and focus on learning as much as I can. It’s my final year in high school and I am utterly terrified. I am not exactly sure where I want to go next, which university and course I should choose. Plus the final exams will come so quickly and I don’t want it to arrive yet, haha. Somehow, I must study history more efficiently, because that final exam is the one I am most afraid about. I have never been great at history, it literally doesn’t interest me at all and I find the facts to get in my head so difficult. So I don’t know what I should do and I’m thinking about going to a private teacher or something like that. I honestly am going to try to be the best I possibly can be during this school year. I mean I had always done the most I could, but now it is actually very important to really see the outcome of the progress I’m trying to accomplish. I might be a maximalist, but if it does the job I would like to see, it’s perfect for me to be that. Continue reading September Update

Songs Of The Month – June

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I thought I would write a quick post to update you and also include my favourite songs of the month, June. I have been in the USA for almost three weeks now, and I am enjoying every moment that I can spend with some of my relatives. As you know 4th of July is just around the corner and I’ve never been more excited to see the fireworks and celebrate that day with everyone else.
I wanted to share my songs of the month with you as well, I didn’t want to miss it, because it’s one of my favourite posts to write. I collected some songs that I listened to through June, but more likely the half of it, because I didn’t have a lot of time to listen to new music while being here. So let’s do it! The songs are not in any particular order:

1. Dazzle – Oh Wonder
2. Good For You – Selena Gomez
3. Keep Your Head Up – Andy Grammar
4. Ms. Anonymus – MAX feat. Jared Evan
5. Honey, I’m Good – Andy Grammar Continue reading Songs Of The Month – June

Songs Of The Month – November


Wow! November has been such a great month if we only look at the amount of good music (in my opinion) that came out. I literally couldn’t wait untill this month was over so I could share my favourite songs of the month with you. Actually, to be honest with you, I have more than 10 favourites, but I had to pick between them, since I do a top 10 list. November was a pretty good month, and it flew away so quickly I didn’t even have time to realize how fast time goes by. Anyway, I hope you can find some songs you also prefer from my list, even if it’s filled with One Direction. Here my list is, not exactly in order:

1. Torn Apart – Bastille

2. Clouds – One Direction

3. All About It – Hoodie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran

4. Act My Age – One Direction

5. Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid 30 Continue reading Songs Of The Month – November