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My Favourites Of The Eurovision Song Contest


Since it’s Eurovision Song Content week right now, I thought I’d do a blog post on my favourite songs from it. ESC is a song contest in Europe and as of last year in Australia as well, where each country has a representative performer, and they compete for the best song of the year. The semi-finals are already over, and the final is on Saturday, which I’m very excited about.

My absolute favourites are Hungary and France this year, but I have heard some other nice songs as well. So here you go, here are the countries I’m rooting for this Saturday, and obviously these are not in any particular order.

  1. Hungary
  2. Cyprus
  3. The Netherlands
  4. UK
  5. France
  6. Azerbaijan
  7. Malta
  8. Israel
  9. Australia

But I also like Croatia, Latvia, Serbia, Lithuania, Spain, Bulgaria and Belgium.

Which songs do you like the most? Let me know in the comments below! Have a great day! See you soon! :)


Bye x



Eurovision 2015

Hi! :)

I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year. It is a song competition between European countries. It is around spring time every single year, and the contest for choosing the Hungarian participant has already began. I don’t want to write a whole novel about this song contest, you can look it up somewhere if you’re interested in it. Hungary has 30 contestants this year, and I thought that I would tell you my opinion about the songs. I won’t go into lots of details, basically I’ll just tell you what song I like of all of them, because I’m not an expert.

You can listen to the studio versions of the songs by clicking here.

You will be able to listen to the songs live and also to see the performances by clicking on these links. (The first link only includes 10 live performances):



https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5HRI3Xd775ssnAtR9DTB8qaP6nBJOjBH Continue reading Eurovision 2015

You know you’re Hungarian when…

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I was not going to post today, but I’ve just come across an article about being Hungarian, and how you know you’re Hungarian. I find the article very funny and it’s so true, that I thought I’d share it with you.

Source: dailynewshungary.com

“You know you’re Hungarian when…

1. you know the phrase “three is the Hungarian truth”
2. you can swear for 5 minutes straight, with one breath, not using the same word, ever
3. you never heard anybody say anything positive about politics
4. you don’t know at least half of the people at family celebrations
5. you love Túró Rudi but can’t really explain to foreigners what the hell it is until they try it
6. for every meaning there are about 5 words

Continue reading You know you’re Hungarian when…

A Hungarian Christmas


As I promised, I am here with a post about Christmas in Hungary. Christmas here is very different from e.g. how Americans celebrate it.

We don’t have Santa Claus at Christmas, but we have Santa on the 6th December. On the fifth, little kids clean their boots, then put them in the window. On the morning of 6th December, Santa Claus comes and puts a little red package of sweets, and small stuff in it, which fit in the boots. If the kids were bad, then Santa puts a ’golden stick’ in their boots, showing that they should behave better next year, but obviously, they get the red package as well. So it’s the story of Santa. Kind of.

But on the 24th December, the majority of the people put up the Christmas tree together (or not), and have a lovely day. On that evening everyone has their traditional dinners together at the table. You usually can find fish, fish soup, apple, nuts, honey,stuffed cabbage, and mostly bejgli on the table. Bejgli is a traditional Hungarian pastry, cake, or desert, I don’t know how to describe it (I will insert a picture here), and we mainly eat it only at Christmas time. Of course, other meals, too, and there is defenitely a lot of food on the table, because every Hungarian loves a huge yummy meal. After eating our dinner, we go and take a lot at the Christmas tree, which by then has presents under it. Everyone sits around the tree and open their presents, and have fun. So that is it basically for 24th December. It can differ in other families a little bit, but we celebrate Christmas like this, and I know that a lot of other Hungarians do, too. Continue reading A Hungarian Christmas

November Update


I’ll talk a little bit about what’s going on with my life, school and stuff, because a lot has happened. I couldn’t be happier right now, because it’s finally Friday, which means it is the end of this terrible week. In the last few weeks I was super busy with writing a lot of tests, especially this week. Only on Monday and Tuesday I wrote five tests, and the rest of the week hadn’t even come then, so I’m pretty exhausted. Almost every day, I could only have gone to sleep after midnight, which made me very tired during daytime. On Monday I had an English test, a maths test, and a Spanish chapter test, and on Tuesday I had a civilization chapter test, and a literature chapter test. I also had to learn Hungarian poems (I think five, I have another one left) and I had to say the poems to my Hungarian literature teacher and I got grades for them (I’m not sure if this sentence is right or not, sorry). Continue reading November Update


Hi! :)

Happy Halloween! In Hungary Halloween is not a tradition to celebrate. If someone tries to go trick or treating, then some old ladies will definitely call the police, so don’t try to do that if you’re in Hungary, haha! Even if it isn’t a big holiday here, more and more people dress up in different costumes when it’s Halloween and do their own scary makeup. Since we don’t celebrate Halloween on 31st October, we still have our own day “Mindenszentek”, which is kind of like All Hallow’s Evening, Halloween. We don’t put on scary costumes, but we visit our relatives and close friends who had passed away in the cemetery, and we put flowers on the tomb and we light a candle for them. We remember them on that day, and of course, on other days, too, but 1st November is their special day in Hungary. Continue reading Halloween

Bruno Mars

Hi! :)

I’m here with a very random topic, but I wanted to talk about it, because it is a part of my life, and this blog is about my life basically. So recently I have been listening to Bruno Mars non-stop. It’s not very new to me, because he is my favourite singer in the whole world, but I have become very nostalgic over the past few weeks and I’ve been listening to his first album called Doo-Wops & Hooligans, which I listened to a whole lot of times back when it came out. I became so obsessed with this album again, that I literally don’t even listen to anything else other than Unorthodoy Jukebox, his second album. Yes, Bruno Mars is my life right now, but also it has been a huge part of my life since 2009, which compared to how old I am, is quite a long time. I had been begging to see him live one day, and that he should come to Hungary at least once. And after all these years… He finally came. He had a concert in Budapest, Hungary last year, in November 2013. I surprised myself with a concert ticket (which was very expensive, but it definitely worth it), because it was my birthday in November, and I didn’t want my parents to pay for it. It was the best night of my life, even if I went alone and a few difficulties happened after the concert when I was leaving. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. So yeah, I can’t wait until his new album comes out next year, and of course for another concert, too. And last, but not least I thought I would tell you what my favourite songs are from both albums, in case you were wondering. I’ll be writing my favourites with bold letters. Continue reading Bruno Mars