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Songs Of The Month – April

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Only one and a half months till summer break! April has gone a lot quicker than I expected. This month it was very difficult to pick my favourite songs, because I had a lot more, than 10, which to be honest is very unusual for me. I discovered lots of good music, so I listened to music whenever I could throughout the past month. Lots of my favourite artists released a new album in March, so those were constantly playing on my Spotify. I’ve come around some musicians, which I would have never thought I would like something from, so I was very surprised. That U2 song is like that for example, I heard it on the radio and did not know who it was from, so I memorized a few lines from the lyrics and searched it online the next day, luckily with a success. I’m very happy with this months’ songs, so there they are (the songs are not in any particular order):

1. Just A Thought – Hudson Taylor

2. Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon

3. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) – U2

4. Bad Habit – The Kooks

5. Luv, Hold Me Down – Drowners Continue reading Songs Of The Month – April


Songs Of The Month – March

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I still remember every detail of that day when I had written my February edition of my ‘Songs Of The Month’ post. March flew by sooo fast! Actually, this month turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. (I’m not sure if this sentence is gramatically correct to be honest, sorry). Today I’m here with another one of these posts. I had been listening to Glass Animals a lot this past month, because I had been so excited about the concert that I went to yesterday. I may write about the concert later, but I’m not sure yet. Do you want to read about my opinion on it? The song ‘World Without You’ by Hudson Taylor is here again, I literally am obsessed with this song. So, here is my list of the songs I listened to the most in March (the songs are not particularly in order):

1. Runaway – AURORA

2. Higher – Sigma ft. Labrinth

3. Exxus – Glass Animals

4. Elastic Heart / Love Me Like You Do Mash Up – Conor Maynard (cover)

5. Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene – Hozier Continue reading Songs Of The Month – March

Youtubers – Hudson Taylor

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I am here with another post. It is a special one for me. In this episode of my ’Youtubers ’ series I wanted to talk about a band called Hudson Taylor. They started their Youtube channel in 2011. They are an Irish pop-folk duo,consisting of Harry and Alfie, two brothers. I have known them from the very beginning, which makes me so proud. Since then, they have reached so many things! Their first ever album, Singing For Strangers comes out on Monday worldwide, which you can pre-order by clicking here. On their channel, they mostly post original posts, but very rarely they do covers, too. I like them because of their originality and that they are so genuine. They are very calming tol isten to, and they love making music, which can be seen from their videos. They were the first duo who I had discovered back then playing this type of music and I have been in love with them ever since. Continue reading Youtubers – Hudson Taylor

Songs Of The Month – February

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February is almost over, so I’m here with another songs of the month post. This month was so productive and great for me, I found lots of tunes that I like a LOT. There are more than ten favourites of mine, so it was very hard to choose my top 10. Still, there are some songs which I’ve known for a while, but I listened to it loads this month, so I thought I should include those as well. I really hope you can find some songs from this list which you are fond of, too, because this month’s songs are one of my favourites, I literally played them non-stop. The songs are not necessarily in order.

1. Anna Sun – Walk The Moon

2. Hold Back The River – James Bay

3. Geronimo – Sheppard

4. World Without You – Hudson Taylor

5. Oceans – Coasts Continue reading Songs Of The Month – February