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My Country – Hungary

Hi! :)

As the majority of you know, I’m from Hungary. I thought I would write a post about my country, because a lot of people don’t even know, what Hungary is. Let’s start with the basics.

Hungary is a country in Central Europe with the population of 10 million people, so it definitely isn’t a huge country as you can tell. The country is very green, we have a lot of plains, but we also have mountains in the North (and some in the South as well). The highest mountain is 1014 m high, so it’s not that outstanding, but Hungarians are proud about the fact that we have a mountain higher than a thousand meters, called Kékes. We don’t have a seaside, but we call Lake Balaton, the biggest lake in Hungary, the Hungarian sea. Lake Balaton is a very attractive tourist sight, when someone is being on a holiday in Hungary, it is 80% sure that the person also visits Lake Balaton. It is 77 km long, and the view is beautiful.



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