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Being Able Not To Care

Hi! :)

Today I don’t have a certain topic to talk about, I just felt like talking to you a little bit of stuff that happened to me recently. Life isn’t that easy when you’re in a bilingual class. In my country it’s a big thing to be in a bilingual class, because there aren’t many of these classes/schools in Hungary. But who doesn’t go to that class, just don’t know how hard it can be sometimes. For example all of the teachers say that it’s not normal to have that many classes, because a normal adult doesn’t work that much as we do in school. So I mean, I don’t really understand a lot of things about what and why the government does these to us. And still, the teachers demand us to study for the next day and write a test, even when we get home after 5:30 pm. That really sucks. Oh, and let me share with you what happened to me yesterday. My dad had to sign an important document last week, which later on I had to hand in to the director/principal of the school. Well, yesterday they wanted me to come into their office, because they wanted to talk with me about something… Basically, they thought that the signature of my dad was fake. I was very-very angry about it, because they should know that I wouldn’t do anything like this, I’m not that type. Continue reading Being Able Not To Care