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How To Stay Motivated

Hi! :)

Staying motivated is something we all need in order to achieve our goals. However, it can often be a real struggle to keep that mindset up and running. I know that based on my own experience alone. Today, I would like to let you in on some of my tips and advice for success in keeping up your motivation.

Always try!

No matter what hardships you might face along your journey, don’t give up! Keep trying! A lot of the times, we loose all our motivation when something goes wrong. However, the complete opposite of that would be the correct thing to do. If you stop trying, you’ll never achieve your goals.

One of my favourite quotes is “You only fail when you stop trying.”, and it’s so true, I can’t even emphasize it enough. Keep this in mind!

Think of your goal!

You should never forget what your first intention was! If you don’t feel like you’re heading towards being successful, just think back of what you want to achieve and the reason behind it. Be determined enough not to give up!

Never doubt yourself!

Don’t ever say that you can’t do it, because it’s not true! You can achieve anything you set your mind to, but it requires a lot of time and effort. Being negative and pessimistic won’t help you moving forward, trust me! Try to be as optimistic and inspired as possible, even in your hardest situations!

You CAN do it, the struggle won’t always be there with you! There’s always something positive at the end of the day – remember to STAY MOTIVATED! :)

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That’s all from me today, I really hope you liked reading this post and got something away from it. Sorry for being so inactive (and always saying sorry for it), but I didn’t disappear, I’m still here! :)

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Hi! :)

I can’t believe I had no time to write more posts this week. I was a hundred percent sure I’ll have some time, but I literally did not have any spare time in my short school break. I was doing different projects for school every day. It was my second day back in school, and I already have to do some more work, which is exhausting. But hopefully I can relax a bit on the weekend. I have done my projects for arts and civilisation classes, and my essay for English class, but I still have to do it for physics and grammer. I have to edit a video project for media class this weekend, too. That’s why I couldn’t write more, sorry about that. I know, I complain again, but I’m very busy with all these stuff right now.

Another thing. I’m in a huge trouble at the moment and I need your help. I have been asked to be a bridesmaid at one of my relatives’ wedding this fall, and I don’t know to accept it or not. The thing is, being a bridesmaid has been a nightmare of mine since I was a little kid, and I was always really happy when someone closer to me didn’t choose me to be one. But this time, I was asked a few weeks ago to think about it, because they’d really appreciate it if I accepted it. I’m in a big dilemma, because I hate being in the centre and I’m very-very shy when it comes to being in a crowd or anything like that. I also don’t really like those kind of dresses which have to be worn, because they don’t suit me and I don’t feel comfortable in a dress like this. I’m not a very girly girl and not thin either, so that’s also a reason. Continue reading Help!