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What To Do On Valentine’s Day When You’re Alone

Hi! :)

Personally, Valentine’s Day isn’t a big deal for me. However, it definitely draws attention to the fact that me and a lot of other people in the world are single – therefore we should feel sad about it. BUT it shouldn’t be like that! You can enjoy Valentine’s Day even if you’re single. Here are some of my tips to show how you can turn it into a Me Day instead of the day of feeling insecure and bad about yourself.

  1. Get out there and buy some chocolate for yourself!

There’s nothing bad about treating yourself every once in a while. Let’s visit the corner shop and buy some of your favourite snacks so you can enjoy them later in the day! I know I wouldn’t mind doing this and it actually would make me feel a lot better.

2. Burst out your fave music when you’re home and have a nice time!

I absolutely love listening to some of my favourite bands and artists when I want to feel happy. No matter what, this always gets me in a great mood. You can even invite your friends and have some fun together.

Check out this song, it SHOULD make you dance instantly!

3. Read a nice book!

One of the best past time activities in my opinion is reading. It lets you zone out for a while and you only focus on what’s happening in the book, not on the world around you. If you don’t have any book in your possession right now, then let’s head to the nearest book store and buy an interesting one! My favourite genre is contemporary, but I recently read a historical fiction book as well (The Book Thief), which I really liked.

4. Spend some time on Youtube!

This is a go to for me whenever I want to spend some time. Watching Youtube videos is entertaining for everyone, since there are so many different types of content on there. It allows you to kill some time as well, and you won’t even notice that the whole day is gone, trust me!

5. Try to cook or bake something!

Last, but by no means least, I would like to recommend cooking and baking for you. Even if you don’t feel confident in any of them, you can find very easy recipes out there, you just have to look for them. This is such a relaxing activity and it can be a fun time, too. You can listen to music in the process of baking a cake or cooking some dinner, or even an audiobooks or podcasts. I enjoy cooking alone, since in a way, it’s some ‘me time’ as well. This way you can take a small portion out of your day and relax a bit while making something delicious. You can even brag about the outcome on Instagram later, but that’s not necessary, just an idea, haha! :D

The photo was taken by me.

I really hope you enjoyed reading this post and got something from it! My main point is, Valentine’s Day is just a regular day after all, and everyone can enjoy it, not just those in a relationship. You have to take care of yourself and don’t feel bad about not having someone special in your life at the moment. Someone will come when it’s the right time, so don’t stress about any of it!

Have a wonderful day! See you soon! :)

Bye x







New Year, New Post!

Hi! :)

I know it might seem surprising to see a new post from me since I have been gone for months. However, I am back and can’t wait to share the things that are going on in my mind with you this year!

Happy New Year, let 2017 be the best year of your life yet!

Took this picture at a Christmas market /I own all the rights to this photo/

As usual, I have been super busy with uni and a new chapter in my life abroad. It took all my time and energy, and to be honest, I didn’t feel that creative back then either.

Although, I gained a lot of amazing new friends and made some great memories last year, which I am thankful for.

My birthday was possibly the best ever yet, thanks to all the people who made it beautiful. Also, my festive feels started in October and didn’t stop until after Christmas – coming home for winter break was definitely part of that, too.

Living in Denmark is very nice so far, I really like being there. I am going back soon and hopefully end the first semester with highs, so I can start the second one being content.

That’s it for now, I hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Bye x


I Disappeared…Again

Hi! :)

I honestly don’t know how consistent I will be. My most recent post was already 2 months ago. Sorry everyone, I seem to be very busy with uni and my life abroad. Life is all good though, so don’t worry, I’m okay.

I’ve been already listening to Christmas songs since the end of September, so you might call me a bit obsessed. Although, it’s never too early to look forward to Christmas in my opinion. :) And Pentatonix will release their new Christmas album next week! I’m bloomin’ excited!

Some songs I’ve been enjoying lately:

  1. Season 2 Episode 3 – Glass Animals
  2. Body Moves – DNCE
  3. 24K Magic – Bruno Mars
  4. Starboy – The Weeknd ft. Daft Punk
  5. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – Michael BublĂ©
  6. Hair – Little Mix ft. Sean Paul
  7. Fire – BTS (Yes, I might be slowly getting into K-Pop, who knows)
  8. The Currents – Bastille

Also, the day before my birthday, on November 18, 3 of my favourites’ albums will be released, so I can’t wait. Best birthday present, I guess. :)

I’m getting used to living in Denmark slowly but surely, which is a good sign. I like living here, although the weather is a tricky part of this whole thing. I like my school too, but we have a lot of projects with which is really hard to keep up.

For now that’s all, I’ll try my best to post something soon! ;)

I love this picture I took the other day.

Bye x


Summer Thoughts

Hi! :)

I know it has been ages since my last post, I’m so sorry! I have been crazy busy lately and to be honest, I haven’t really had that much inspiration as usual.

I went on holiday with my family for about two weeks, which was quite nice. I also have been planning moving out to another country next month, and I’m so nervous/excited about it. I’m still waiting for an accomodation offer though. I’ll have news of my application at the end of the week. :)

Since I haven’t done Songs Of The Month posts for a while, I thought I’d share some of my favourite songs at the minute. Here we go:

  • Tears by Clean Bandit feat. Louisa Johnson
  • Good Grief by Bastille
  • Alive by Khai
  • Basically Kygo’s whole album
  • Kill Em With Kindness by Selena Gomez (my queen <3)
  • Life Itself by Glass Animals
  • (Starving by Hailee Steinfeld & Grey feat. Zedd, which I’ve only just listened to very recently but fell in love with)

I graduated as well (as you can probably tell by me rambling about university). As always, I watch Youtube videos daily – starting to get into some local ones, too. Another thing, I’ve read some good books this summer so far, currently I’m reading The Unexpected Everything by Morgan Matson (but haven’t got that far into it yet).

Finally, yes, I got into the Pokemon GO hype as well. I enjoy it a lot, especially because it gets me outside more. Now I’m not that lazy (haha).

A picture I took on holiday. (Venice)

That’s all for now, again, I’m sorry to have disappeared. Have a great day!

Bye x



How To Survive Finals

Hi! :)

Since I’m in the middle of finals (I still have all my oral exams left), I thought it would be a great idea to give some tips on how to actually survive the exam period as I find it really tough myself, too.

  1. My first and most important tip is to sleep loads. Really, just rest a lot, because you don’t want to start your day tired and all that – you must be energized to focus on studying or during the actual finals. So sleep, please!
  2. Try to keep short breaks in between preparing for your exams, because it keeps your brain active and you won’t be exhausted very early. It helped me a lot and I only started to do this recently, because I didn’t believe that even a 5-minute break can help to be more focused on studying. But it really did.
  3. Organize the amount of stuff you want to memorize day by day, so you won’t panic a day before your actual finals. Start preparing relatively early, if you can!
  4. Prioritise! School before Youtube and books! This is one that I really struggle with, but I know I have to have school as my first priority during this period. How I manage to get things done is that I think of the summer holidays and that each day they get closer and closer. You (and I) are going to survive finals and be awesome at them!
  5. Be as optimistic as you possibly can! I am generally a pessimist and I hate that. But during exams I try to be as positive as possible, because if you believe you can do it, then it’s already a half win. The other half is up to how hard you study for finals. If you’re confident, you’re more likely to achieve a better performance – and just think about: You did everything you could up to this point, now it’s up to luck, really. Everything you can do when your finals arrive is to be calm and confident, then you’ll rock it!

These are some of my tips on how to survive this very stressful period. I hope I could help at least some of you! I definitely need some motivation sometimes, so I’m sure it always comes handy. Don’t stress and you’ll be fine! (I’ll try to think of this sentence, too when the time finally comes, because I’ll need it.) My advanced English oral exam is at the end of this week, I’m really nervous, but I’m being optimistic. Have a lovely day! See you soon! :)

Bye x


Where Have I Been?


I am very sorry! I have been extremely busy with finals these past couple of weeks, and I haven’t had enough time to not alone blog, but relax a bit. I was so busy that I forgot to write down the song titles I listened to the most in April and I can’t really remember, so unfortunately there won’t be any Songs Of The Month April edition this year. I finished some of my exams yesterday, so I have about two weeks until the next one. You can’t image how I missed reading books for my entertainment and writing, too! I already could watch a movie today, which I’m really happy about.

Again, sorry for not giving any sign of being alive, but I’m still here and I hope you haven’t forgot about me. Have an amazing weekend! See you (if everything goes right) soon!

P.S.: I graduated last week! Yay!


Bye x


March Thoughts

Hi! :)

Today I wanted to have a very brief chat with you about what’s been happening lately, kind of an update. I’m planning a couple of posts, which will be fun, but right now I’m in a chatty mood, so I decided on doing a life update instead.

Well, it’s finally the weekend! Spring break will start at the end of next week in Hungary, and it will only last for six days this year, which is kind of upsetting. I’m looking forward to it though, because I will read a lot then. However, I know that I will spend the majority of the break studying and preparing for my final exams at the beginning in May. By the way I’m so terrified! I can’t for it to be over (at the end of June…)! Having a planner made my life so much better and I am a lot better at organizing my school related stuff as well.

As you know, I did a book haul the other day and got lots of books (for me they seem a lot anyway). After I had finished the Hungarian book last week, I immediately started reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I read this book last night and thought it was incredible and such a beautiful story. So now I’m in a dilemma as to which book to start reading, but I’ll report you on what my decision will be later. I still am in love with Goodreads, it’s like the dream website of bookworms.

A photo from this week. x

In general I’m such a pessimist, and I hate to admit that. I always say that I’m an optimist, but I am really not. So about a week or so ago, I decided to try my best to change my perspectives on the world and look for the most positive moments in my day. It made me realise how nice I can feel on a casual school day if I don’t always worry about things that should not even bother me in the first place. Of course, I have bad days as well as every single person in the world, but at least I’m trying to get the most out of even the crappiest day.

How was your day? Tell me about it, I would genuinely love to know! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you soon! :)

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Bye x