How To Survive Finals

Hi! :)

Since I’m in the middle of finals (I still have all my oral exams left), I thought it would be a great idea to give some tips on how to actually survive the exam period as I find it really tough myself, too.

  1. My first and most important tip is to sleep loads. Really, just rest a lot, because you don’t want to start your day tired and all that – you must be energized to focus on studying or during the actual finals. So sleep, please!
  2. Try to keep short breaks in between preparing for your exams, because it keeps your brain active and you won’t be exhausted very early. It helped me a lot and I only started to do this recently, because I didn’t believe that even a 5-minute break can help to be more focused on studying. But it really did.
  3. Organize the amount of stuff you want to memorize day by day, so you won’t panic a day before your actual finals. Start preparing relatively early, if you can!
  4. Prioritise! School before Youtube and books! This is one that I really struggle with, but I know I have to have school as my first priority during this period. How I manage to get things done is that I think of the summer holidays and that each day they get closer and closer. You (and I) are going to survive finals and be awesome at them!
  5. Be as optimistic as you possibly can! I am generally a pessimist and I hate that. But during exams I try to be as positive as possible, because if you believe you can do it, then it’s already a half win. The other half is up to how hard you study for finals. If you’re confident, you’re more likely to achieve a better performance – and just think about: You did everything you could up to this point, now it’s up to luck, really. Everything you can do when your finals arrive is to be calm and confident, then you’ll rock it!

These are some of my tips on how to survive this very stressful period. I hope I could help at least some of you! I definitely need some motivation sometimes, so I’m sure it always comes handy. Don’t stress and you’ll be fine! (I’ll try to think of this sentence, too when the time finally comes, because I’ll need it.) My advanced English oral exam is at the end of this week, I’m really nervous, but I’m being optimistic. Have a lovely day! See you soon! :)

Bye x