Where Have I Been?


I am very sorry! I have been extremely busy with finals these past couple of weeks, and I haven’t had enough time to not alone blog, but relax a bit. I was so busy that I forgot to write down the song titles I listened to the most in April and I can’t really remember, so unfortunately there won’t be any Songs Of The Month April edition this year. I finished some of my exams yesterday, so I have about two weeks until the next one. You can’t image how I missed reading books for my entertainment and writing, too! I already could watch a movie today, which I’m really happy about.

Again, sorry for not giving any sign of being alive, but I’m still here and I hope you haven’t forgot about me. Have an amazing weekend! See you (if everything goes right) soon!

P.S.: I graduated last week! Yay!

Source: weheartit.com

Bye x



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