March Thoughts

Hi! :)

Today I wanted to have a very brief chat with you about what’s been happening lately, kind of an update. I’m planning a couple of posts, which will be fun, but right now I’m in a chatty mood, so I decided on doing a life update instead.

Well, it’s finally the weekend! Spring break will start at the end of next week in Hungary, and it will only last for six days this year, which is kind of upsetting. I’m looking forward to it though, because I will read a lot then. However, I know that I will spend the majority of the break studying and preparing for my final exams at the beginning in May. By the way I’m so terrified! I can’t for it to be over (at the end of June…)! Having a planner made my life so much better and I am a lot better at organizing my school related stuff as well.

As you know, I did a book haul the other day and got lots of books (for me they seem a lot anyway). After I had finished the Hungarian book last week, I immediately started reading Wonder by R.J. Palacio. I read this book last night and thought it was incredible and such a beautiful story. So now I’m in a dilemma as to which book to start reading, but I’ll report you on what my decision will be later. I still am in love with Goodreads, it’s like the dream website of bookworms.

A photo from this week. x

In general I’m such a pessimist, and I hate to admit that. I always say that I’m an optimist, but I am really not. So about a week or so ago, I decided to try my best to change my perspectives on the world and look for the most positive moments in my day. It made me realise how nice I can feel on a casual school day if I don’t always worry about things that should not even bother me in the first place. Of course, I have bad days as well as every single person in the world, but at least I’m trying to get the most out of even the crappiest day.

How was your day? Tell me about it, I would genuinely love to know! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you soon! :)

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Bye x



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