SourcedBox Review | January

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Late last year, when SourcedBox was announced I immediately knew I had to try it. I received this healthy snacking service as a gift for my birthday to encourage me to start eating healthier. I decided to write a review on it, because I could talk about it for so long.

Niomi Smart and Marcus Butler created SourcedBox, which launched in January. I wanted to give it a go, because the snacks seemed very interesting and they ship to Europe, which was definitely a plus. The box arrived in a green plastic packaging that looks really nice in my opinion. The design of the box is simple but effective. It seems professional and practical.

Inside there was a menu telling you a bit about all the snacks in the box. I will follow the menu’s order when I talk about the snacks. I would also like to add that every snack is made with natural ingredients, which I liked the idea of a lot.


First come the Mylk Chocolate Buttons by Ombar. The packaging of these was the most unique out of all the others, because it’s made out of paper and it felt very different. It looks really nice and simple. There was a lot of hype around them, so I wondered what’s so good in these and was eager to try these buttons. These are chocolate buttons with no dairy in them after all. I have to say they taste very coconuty in my opinion and the quality of the dark chocolate is unbelievable. They tasted absolutely amazing and now I get what the hype is for, too. I would recommend these to anyone who likes dark chocolate anytime.


The Pecan, Cinnamon & Lucuma Flapjack by Naturally Sassy is incredible. I love everything about it. The packaging is nothing like I’ve ever seen before, it’s very exciting and eye-catching. I hadn’t known what lucuma was until I saw this and looked it up, but it fitted really well with the other ingredients. The flapjack tasted almost the same as the filling of a Hungarian dessert called zserb√≥ – which I liked a lot. All I could taste is the cinnamon and the pecan in it and it was almost heavenly, all the flavours complimented each other very well. I would buy it anytime if I could.


I will talk about the Mini Rice Thins by Rude Health and the Coconut and Almond Butter by Pip & Nut at once, because I ate them together as it was suggested. I have always known about rice thins but never really enjoyed eating them. However, these actually tasted fine and had the right amount of flavour to them, not like the other ones I’ve tried before. Since I snacked on them together with the butter, it made the experience even more enjoyable. The butter was very similar to peanut butter, just tasted healthier and was sweeter. These were great for an afternoon snack for me.

I had high expectations for the Maca Bliss Raw Choc Brownie by Pulsin’, because I wanted to eat a delicious brownie, which was good for me. To be honest, it did exactly that. It was tasty, but not as great as a brownie I would normally eat. It was a healthier version of it and although I was a bit disappointed because of my high expectations, it still had almost the same flavour as a regular brownie. I liked it and surprisingly it was very filling as well.


I was so keen on trying out the Pizza Seed Toasts by Science Kitchen. The name got me very excited, because I was craving some healthy pizza. I have to say that compared to the other snacks in this box, this one has the least nice packaging. Although, I believe that the inside is what really matters. I will be completely honest here. I did not like them. In my opinion they taste nothing like pizza and they tasted too healthy for me. I tried to enjoy them so much, but I just didn’t like what they tasted like and I was expecting the flavour of pizza. It was nice to try them out, but they weren’t my favourite.


The Rosehip & Lemon Bar by LoveRaw seemed very intriguing to me for some reason. It tasted really interesting and unusual, too. I definitely haven’t had anything like this bar before. The bar had a pleasant flavour to it and I was surprised how well rosehip and lemon go together.


The Chocolate Mylk by Rebel Kitchen was one of the snacks I was looking forward to the most to try. Although I don’t like chocolate milk, I was interested in how this chocolate mylk tasted like since it didn’t have dairy in it. I have to say I was very-very impressed! It was amazing and heavenly. I could drink liters of it, I absolutely loved it. The design of the packaging is one of my favourites, too.


There were two teas by the Bluebird Tea Co. in the box, but on the menu only the Dozy Girl Tea is mentioned. The other is called Honey Bee Beautiful. I haven’t tried any of these yet, so unfortunately I can’t say that much about them, but I have heard so many good things about this brand that I am absolutely sure I will enjoy these teas. I don’t know if it’s a British thing or not, but I like the fact that the tea bags are made out of this silky material so they’re more durable.


I was the least excited about the Organic Persian Mulberry Promix by Wyldsson, because it’s just a mix of seeds, nuts and fruit. However, I was blown away by the taste of the mixture. It was very enjoyable and tasted quite sweet, which I liked a lot. I would give it another go anytime.


I was a hundred percent most excited to try out the Broccoli Crisps by The Giving Tree. I adore broccoli so I couldn’t wait to snack on these crisps. They tasted very healthy and they are a great alternative to crisps. I was so sad when they were gone! I also am in love with the design, it’s really creative.


Last, but not least the Fruit Jerky by Snact was actually the first thing I tried out of this box. I was very surprised, because it was made out of surplus food, but still tasted very yummy. I love the fact that they use surplus food to make something delicious without wasting edible food.


These were the snacks in the January box. I hope you liked this review, I know it was a bit different from what I normally write about. It was fun to write about, because I enjoyed the products in this SourcedBox and would highly recommend to anyone to try out. Unfortunately, they only ship to Europe as of right now, but I’m sure they will expand further in the future. I will receive a box in February as well, which will sadly be my last one. For a Hungarian like me it is not that easy to buy a box like this every month, but I think it really is worth it and great for your body at the same time. You can check their website out by clicking HERE.

If you don’t already know, I made a Twitter for my blog not long ago. You can follow me if you want to by clicking HERE. My username is @justkingablog. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! See you soon! :)

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2 thoughts on “SourcedBox Review | January”

  1. oh my, oh my. these products look so lovely, i would love to try them out. i didn’t know they shipped to all of europe, though. i might get a pack, myself. thanks for sharing, Kinga! :*
    ps.: this also makes my heart break into a million pieces because of their breakup. :'(


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