My New Year’s Resolutions | 2016

Hi! :)

Happy New Year! It’s the start of a whole new year, which means lots of people make resolutions that they most likely won’t stick to throughout the year. I generally am that type of person as said, but I decided that 2016 will be different from all the others. I will succeed in reaching my goals with the help of completing my New Year’s resolutions. Most of them will be very similar or the same as last year’s (showing that I didn’t managed to do those things I had wanted to).

  1. Do some exercise. It is one of the hardest things for me to do, because I am very-very lazy, which is horrible I know. A few years ago I loved playing sports, but after I stopped playing handball I became extremely idle. School always tired me out (still does) and I used it as an excuse not to play any sports. I am very determined this time, I have a workout plan (I use Blogilates‘) and I’d like to do yoga once a week. I have already been to some classes in late December and I really enjoyed doing yoga instead of sitting at home.
  2. Eat healthy. This will be the most difficult resolution to actually achieve. I love eating unhealthy foods and I eat sweets all the time. I have wanted to change on this habit for a few years now, after I had been to the US for the second time, because I gained a lot of weight there. I couldn’t lose that much weight since then, and I am very insecure of my body mainly because of this reason. I promised myself to conquer my urge to eat all those nasty snacks and eat healthy. I made a commitment and I’m going to defeat my unhealthy side. So far so good, I really want to achive this goal in 2016 and I won’t let anyone bring me down.
  3. Stress less. I am veeeery stressed out and I keep all the stress inside me, which is probably a bad choice. 2016 is supposed to be the most stressful year of my life so far because of graduating and going to uni, but I want to change that and still manage to deal with school and other stuff that might stress me.
  4. Be a lot more positive. I wouldn’t say that I’m a pessimist, I probably am in the middle of being a pessimist and an optimist. I would like to lean more towards the optimist side, because a lot of the times I only see the bad and the scary in everything. I will definitely try to be more optimistic and happier.

I think this many resolutions are enough for me to try to reach them. It won’t be easy, but I’m very determined unlike other years. Do you have any resolutions for 2016? Let me know in the comments below, I would be interested in seeing your answers! I hope you enjoyed reading this post and that you’ll have an AMAZING year! Go and make your dreams a reality! See you soon! :)


Bye x




2 thoughts on “My New Year’s Resolutions | 2016”

  1. I hope you do well with all your resolutions this year!
    When you said, “I am veeeery stressful,” I think you meant to say “stressed out.” If you are stressful, that would mean that you cause other people to feel a lot of stress, and I seriously doubt that you do. :)


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