Christmas Videos | Blogmas Day 17

Hi! :)

As you all know from my previous post of Blogmas, Youtube gets really hectic around Christmas time. So I decided to share some Christmassy Youtube videos, which I have enjoyed watching this year so far – except any vlogmas video.

Grace Helbig has a very unique humor and is known as a comedian. Her videos are truly funny. This video is a collaboration with Connor Franta, another Youtuber I am subscribed to, and I just thought this video is a bit Christmassy, but really is a lot funnier.

Zoe Sugg, also known as Zoella made a beautiful Christmas lookbook the other day. I love everything about this video, I feel like I don’t have to say more about it. It speaks for itself, at least in my opinion.

Danielle Peazer started Youtube only a few months ago, but I think she’s a natural. She’s a professional dancer, and I know her through Liam Payne (from One Direction) who was her boyfriend. She seems very lovely and she is so beautiful! Her gift guide video for girls left me very excited for Christmas, and she has a big selection of nice gift ideas, too.

Tanya Burr loves baking and she posts a lot of baking videos (also releasing a baking/cook book next year, so exciting!), so she obviously had to bake something Christmas related. The cake she made turned out great, here you can watch it how she’d done it.

Here are some festive videos for you! I hope you enjoyed this post, because I certainly did! What’s your favourite Christmas video? I would love to know it! See you tomorrow! :)

Bye x




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