Which Vlogmas To Watch | Blogmas Day 16

Hi! :)

As you all probably know by now, I am quite obsessed with Youtube. I watch a lot of videos by Youtubers in my free time and I love it so much. The most hectic time of year on Youtube has to be around Christmas time, because most Youtubers are doing vlogmas in December. It is the same as blogmas, just in videoblog form. These people post new videos every day up to Christmas, filming every day of theirs until the 24th or 25th, depending on what the person prefers to do.

I enjoy vlogmas a lot, and I watch all of the videos, which are posted. I like how festive some vlogmases get, because those leave me in a Christmassy mood as well. I wanted to share some of my favourites with you, in case you’re interested in it and would like to watch some or maybe all of a specific vlogmas.

My absolute favourite is Zoe Sugg, whose Youtube channel is called Zoella – and vlog channel MoreZoella. Her vlogmas is the definition of Christmas to me. I have never seen anyone who is so excited for Christmas and I LOVE it. Everything of hers around this time feels so Christmassy and she definitely leaves everyone in a festive mood. I especially love her intro this year, because it is the cutest vlogmas intro I have ever seen. Here is a video of her vlogmas for you:

Another favourite of mine is Tanya Burr. She is the sweetest person ever and I love watching her vlogmas. Her videos always leave me feeling calm and of course, festive. Her vlogmas is just as gorgeous as her. Here is an example of it, her 2nd day of vlogmas:

Louise Pentland’s aka SprinkleofGlitter’s – vlog channel SprinkleofChatter vlogmas is one of the funniest. Her jokes always crack me up and get me in a great mood. She has an adorable daughter, so when she’s in it, it feels like a very lovely family video. Louise likes to take these videos so that she can look back on these memories later, which I think is a really nice idea. Here is a day of hers:

I have to mention Niomi Smart, who doesn’t do vlogmas every day, but she vlogs a lot more in December than she usually does. She seems like a really kind and genuine person. I like her vlogmas a lot, it’s so lovely. Here is one of her videos:

Here are some of my favourites, although I have a lot more who I watch regularly. I hope you liked this post and the idea of vlogmas, I think it’s great. Do you watch any vlogmas videos? If so, let me know which ones in the comments below, I would love to discover maybe some new Youtubers! Have an amazing day! See you tomorrow! :)

Bye x



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