Winter Tag | Blogmas Day 13

Hi! :)

I have seen some posts about the winter tag and I found it quite fun, so I decided to do it myself as well. Let’s get started!

Favourite winter nail polish?

I love using sparkly nail polish in December, so I usually use Let’s Do Anything We Want! by OPI and I combine it with Essie’s Back In The Limo, which is a very pretty light pink colour. I also prefer using darker colours, and my favourite is Manhattan by NYC because it feels very wintery.

Favourite winter lip product?

I use lip balms most of the time, because I get very chapped lips when it’s cold. I especially like EOS lip balms, and for winter my favourite has to be the coconut milk scented/flavoured lip balm.


Most worn winter clothing piece?

It’s hard to choose one particular clothing item that I wear the most. I love wearing sweaters, I often opt for the simple black ones, so those are the clothes I wear the most I think. I have a simple black cropped sweater from H&M and I like it a lot.

Most worn winter accessory?

To be completely honest with you, I don’t really wear accessories at all. Although the one that I wear sometimes would be a scarf I got for my birthday with Norvegian pattern on it. It’s very warm and cozy, so I’m sure I would wear it a lot more when it gets a little bit colder and it finally starts to snow.

Favourite winter smell/candle?

I have a few Christmas candles from a local stationary shop and I am obsessed with them. Those literally smell like Christmas. I probably would describe the smell of the candle I particularly like as apple and cinnamon.

Favourite winter beverage?

Hot chocolate! A 100%!

All time favourite Christmas/holiday movie?

Love Actually has to be my favourite, Home Alone following it very closely.


Favourite Christmas/holiday song?

I have to think really hard about this one, because Christmas songs are the best and it’s impossible to choose only one song. The songs I catch myself singing the most are Shake Up Christmas, It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas and Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.

Favourite holiday food/treat?


What is your Christmas decoration this year?

I don’t have a favourite decoration to be honest. We always have the same decorations every year and I like every single one of them.

What’s at the top of your wish list?

The other day I realized that I have wanted a blender for more than a year now, so that would be nice. I would like to make juices with it, because currently I can’t.

What are your plans for the holidays this year?

I’ll spend Christmas Eve at home with my family, then on the 25th and 26th we’ll visit our relatives and celebrate Christmas at theirs. I have always stayed at home for New Year’s Eve, which is because of me being shy all the time. This year I’ll spend the night with some of my friends, which I am very much looking forward to. I also would like to watch some movies, which I have planned to see for ages but couldn’t find enough time for them. Of course, I will spend as much time with my family as possible.

This is the end of this tag. It was a bit different, how did you like it? I quite enjoyed doing this tag, I might do some more in the future. I hope you enjoyed this post and could find out a bit more about me. See you tomorrow! :)

Bye x













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