Holiday Stress | Blogmas Day 10

Hi! :)

Holiday stress is something we have to deal with every year around Advent season. People stress the most about buying or making the right presents in time. Most people leave Christmas shopping until last minute, which is the main reason why stress forms. At the same time, the older you get, the more you stress in my opinion. Even me, at still a young age notice the difference between when I was a toddler for example and being a young adult right now. When you’re a child the only thing you possibly stress about is the toy that you can’t find anywhere, then after a certain time you find it on the couch or on the floor somewhere in the house. On the contrary, as you age, you have to think about what your loved ones would like to get for Christmas and so on.

However, I think you can still survive the holidays without stressing so much. You have to start shopping right about now, this week, as simple as that. As long as the timing is right, you won’t have that typical holiday stress and you can enjoy the period leading up to Christmas a lot more.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! It was a bit different, but I am a person who is generally stressed about everything, so of course, I always have to deal with the holiday stress myself. Although I decided to change up my technique so that I won’t have to rush to a bunch of stores to get the exact presents I want to buy. I thought it might be useful to share what my thoughts are and my tips might even help some of you. Have you ever had holiday stress? Can you deal with it? Let me know in the comments below! See you tomorrow!


Bye x




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