My Top 5 Christmas Films | Blogmas Day 6

Hi! :)

I love Christmas films with a passion! Every year I get so excited when a Christmas related movie is on TV, and I always watch a lot of them. I decided to list my favourite ones for you today. Here they are!

My absolute number one has to be Love Actually. I love that there are so many story lines in only one film and I like to see how different people’s relationships evolve. It’s a typical romantic comedy, but it’s very humorous, I laugh at the jokes every single time I watch it. And trust me, I have seen these at least twenty times and I am still obsessed.


Home Alone never gets boring. It is a classic, I watch it on an annual basis with my siblings. Although it’s quite an old movie, it still is very funny and enjoyable right now. It will never get old, I am a hundred percent sure.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas is a very uplifting Christmas film in my opinion. It isn’t all fun throughout the movie, but in the end there’s a happy ending. It’s a film for cozy nights when you grab a hot chocolate and have a laugh.


Elf is a very lovely movie. The story is cute and interesting. It’s nice to see how amazing Will Ferrell acts like in it. Definitely in my top 5!


Last but not least, The Santa Clause. I haven’t seen this film for a while, but I know that it’s really Christmassy. It definitely gets you into the Christmassy mood. I have usually watched it with my family. It has such a beautiful story, I love it!



I hope you enjoyed reading this post! What are your favourite Christmas films? Let me know in the comments below, I would love to know! Have a fun day! See you tomorrow!

Bye x



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