Chatty Mood

Hi! :)

I am in a very chatty mood right now, so I thought I would blog a bit. It is such a relief to blog, because I haven been quite stressed lately, especially this week. At the same time, I am starting to realise where I want to head next and what I would like to do with my life in the future. The plan is not complete yet, but at least I finally have an idea, which I didn’t have till a few days ago. I hope everything will turn out fine in the end. I believe in it.

I got back into the habit of listening to Spotify a month or two ago and I’m so glad I did. Continue reading Chatty Mood


Revival – Selena Gomez (Album)

Hi! :)

One of my favourite pop artists, Selena Gomez, has released a new album, called Revival. I can’t think of how long I had been waiting for it, but the time finally came today. I have supported her since the very beginning and it’s an incredible feeling to see her music and talent grow. I wouldn’t say she is the best singer in the world, because she definitely is not. Her voice is very soft and weak, but she improved a lot over the past few years and she’s getting better and better. I am very proud of her, I think this album really is her revival and it’s her time. It’s a lot different from “Stars Dance“, her previous album, which was very upbeat. However, this album is a lot softer, sophisticated and elegant. The songs on the album are very personal and meaningful, so I feel honoured to get the opportunity of listening to the album. Since it only was released today, I haven’t listened to it that much, but I think I have my favourites in my mind, which I will highlight by writing the title of the songs using bold letters. Here is the list of songs from the deluxe version.

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Songs Of The Month – September

Hi! :)

A month later, I’m here again with another Songs Of The Month post. September was an exciting month considering music. I listened to lots of my favourites’ songs, I think there is only one song which I hadn’t known the author of. I fell in love again with Ella Eyre, I listened to her album a lot throughout the month – and possibly got to love her even more, she’s a great talent. Let’s get to the list! The songs are not in any particular order.

  1. Good Times – Ella Eyre
  2. FOOLS – Troye Sivan
  3. Ditmas – Mumford & Sons
  4. Walk – Kwabs
  5. Love Myself – Hailee Steinfeld Continue reading Songs Of The Month – September