Troye Sivan – WILD (Album)

Hi! :)

Today, I am going to talk about an album that I love by Troye Sivan. He is a Youtuber, singer, songwriter and actor. I am so proud of what he have achieved during the last few years! I have been following his work for a few years, and when his first EP (called TRXYE) came out, I was so amazed by how great his music actually is. However, I prefer his newest album to the first one, it suits my taste better. I generally do not listen to songs that are a bit more electronic. This album though has the right amount of electronic twist in it, which I really like. There are six songs on it containing two collaborations.


The first song is called WILD, which is the first song of the trilogy “Blue Neighbourhood” and its music video is already out. It’s the type of song, which you would hear on the radio and you would immediately recognize its uniqueness. I especially like the parts where children are singing the word “Wild”, which makes it even more special.

The secong song is called BITE, which is a more laid-back song, slower than the first one. It’s a more emotional song, and its rhythm will probably be stuck in your head for a while. As Troye said in an interview, he wrote it about a special memory of his, which I think makes the song even more beautiful.

The third song is called FOOLS, which is very catchy and I like its lyrics a lot. It’s very upbeat, so that it would also make a good radio song. I would love to hear it live once, because I think it would sound awesome in person. It also will be the second song from the Blue Neighbourhood trilogy.

The fourth song, called EASE, is a collaboration with Broods. Their voices match perfectly, creating a very smooth and calming sound. Even though, the song’s lyrics is a bit sad, it really is a beautiful song, which I would listen to all day long.

The fifth song is called THE QUIET. I like its title a lot, it says a lot about the songs message. There is a line in it (“Anything hurts less than the quiet), which is my favourite line from the whole album. This only one line has a lot of meanings in it and I think it actually makes the song very real and special.

The sixth song, called DKLA, is a collaboration with Tkay Maidza. It has a slow rhythm and starts with the sound of rain in the beginning – I love the idea behind that – and its tempo is gradually building up, it becomes a lot faster by the end, than it was in the start of the song.

All in all, I love WILD, I think it’s an amazing album by Troye. I will write down the songs from it, highlighting three of my favourites.

  1. WILD
  2. BITE
  3. FOOLS
  4. EASE ft. Broods
  6. DKLA ft. Tkay Maidza

I hope you liked this post and if you want to listen to any of the songs, you can click here or go on Spotify. Check out Troye’s album, I think it’s worth your time. Let me know in the comments what songs you like from WILD, I would love to know! Have a gorgeous day! See you soon! :)

Bye x



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