September Update

Hi! :)

School started two weeks ago and I have been so busy! Especially this year, I am trying to do my best at school and focus on learning as much as I can. It’s my final year in high school and I am utterly terrified. I am not exactly sure where I want to go next, which university and course I should choose. Plus the final exams will come so quickly and I don’t want it to arrive yet, haha. Somehow, I must study history more efficiently, because that final exam is the one I am most afraid about. I have never been great at history, it literally doesn’t interest me at all and I find the facts to get in my head so difficult. So I don’t know what I should do and I’m thinking about going to a private teacher or something like that. I honestly am going to try to be the best I possibly can be during this school year. I mean I had always done the most I could, but now it is actually very important to really see the outcome of the progress I’m trying to accomplish. I might be a maximalist, but if it does the job I would like to see, it’s perfect for me to be that.

Two of my favourite artists released their first albums this month. I could not contain my excitement during the last few weeks, I had waited for so long. Actually, both albums came out on the same day, September 4. I have been listening to those albums non-stop since then. I might write a blog post about either or even both of them. I’m talking about Troye Sivan’s WILD and Oh Wonder’s self-titled albums. Autumn might be my favourite time especially this year. In October, another two amazing albums come out, Selena Gomez’s and Pentatonix’s albums. You can tell, I am very-very enthusiastic. I sure will speak about those in the future, too. I am covered in new music right now and I spend lots of time on Youtube listening to new covers, etc. Speaking of which, I am very likely to write a post about my fave covers at the moment, because I have loads so that could be interesting.

All in all, I am pushing myself to post more regularly, so keep up with me! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for being here! Have a nice weekend! See you soon!

Bye x



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