My One Direction Concert Experience

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As I promised, I’m here with a post all about my One Direction concert experience. I saw One Direction live in Indianapolis on July 31st. I literally had been waiting for the day when I finally could hear them live for about 4 years. It came true less than a month ago! I still can’t believe I saw them live, it was the best night of my life so far. I’m so thankful! I got to see them in Indianapolis, which is a few thousand kilometers away from me. Luckily, I was on holiday in the right place and right time. When I saw their On The Road Again Tour announcement, I immediately searched for Hungary in between the different countries, but then I noticed Vienna being there and I freaked out. I was like ’YES, I’m still home by then, I can go to the concert, oh my God!’, then I noticed Indianapolis and saw the date of the concert and was a hundred times more excited and I couldn’t believe that this was actually going to happen. However, a few months later I found myself inside my favourite stadium, the Lucas Oil Stadium, waiting for the concert to start. (By clicking on certain songs’ names, you can listen to them on Youtube – all credit goes to its creators.)

The gates were opened about two hours before the concert I reckon, but I’m not exactly sure. The supporting act was Icona Pop, an electro pop band/group consisting of two Swedish girls. They were a lot better than I expected them to be, I would give them a solid seven and a half for their show. I don’t really like this kind of music, so mainly that is why I wasn’t enjoying it that much, but they were very good. They sounded very nice live and I think all of their songs that were performed are very energetic, so they did a pretty good job at warming up the crowd. Everyone was partying when they performed I Love It, mainly because I guess it was the only one song every single person knew and recognized. It was a fun start of the night, I should say.

Icona Pop’s show was followed by a very long break. Then the time finally had come. They started their show with Clouds, which is one of my personal favourites. You can probably think how I felt like in that moment. The second song was Steal My Girl, which was their first single from their fourth album, called Four. Little Black Dress came as the third, my absolute favourite from the Midnight Memories album. The next one was Where Do Broken Hearts Go, followed by Midnight Memories. Kiss You was the sixth song and Stockholm Syndrome is the seventh, which is again one of my favourites from their latest album. The next song was Fireproof, and by that time I was in a total shock and couldn’t take in all of that amazing stuff happening to me. Ready To Run, a very energetic, lovely song was followed by Better Than Words. Don’t Forget Where You Belong’s lyrics are one of my favourites, it was a pleasure to hear that live. Little Things, Night Changes and 18 slowed and calmed down the crowd a bit, that part was when everyone shed at least a tear, let alone cry a lot. It was amazing, haha. Literally, loved all the lights the fans created using their phones, it was really-really pretty. Then came No Control, which was a song, where everyone woke up, even the ones who don’t like One Direction, because let’s face it, this song has a very straight and obvious lyrics. This is the song which became a number one without even being a single. Unbelievable!

They performed Drag Me Down for the FIRST time in Indianapolis, on the day of the ’out of nowhere release’. It drove everyone crazy! I loved it! Everyone loved it! At that point I could not be more thankful for being there in that crowd in a completely different atmosphere where I usually am. I adore Drag Me Down so much! No need to say, Indianapolis was trending worldwide on Twitter for a few hours because of that show. It was the best feeling I have ever experienced. They replaced Alive with this song, and from then they have performed it at every show so far. They killed it live, they were so professional. They sounded great.

Diana was the next song, which was followed by What Makes You Beautiful, my favourite song from the first album – and the only one that they still perform live. There came Through The Dark, Girl Almighty and Story Of My Life. Three songs that I could ramble about so much. You & I was the first song of the encore, which sounded as perfect as usual. Act My Age was the second song of the encore. This song is one of my absolute favourites from their latest album, I love the Irish feeling of it. Niall step danced, too, which looked so fun. They even sang happy birthday to a four year-old boy, it was such a cute moment. The last two songs were Little White Lies and Best Song Ever. These were a perfect choice to end the show, they left everyone so pumped and happy after the concert.

I had the best time of my life, and I’m so happy I got out of my comfort zone for a night and went to a concert that I had been dreaming of for years. They did a fantastic job, their voices sounded great, and they interacted a lot with the crowd, which is always a plus. I would recommend everyone to go and see One Direction live, even if you don’t like them the most, because I saw lots of dads during the concert who were having the best time, too, and were enjoying the night so much. I could ramble for so long, but this post is already probably the longest post I have ever written, so I wouldn’t like to continue talking about things you don’t care that much (like how they looked like and how many times they said Indianapolis, haha). Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post, even if you don’t prefer this kind of music (but in that case, I doubt you would read for this long). Have a great day and a lovely summer! It hasn’t ended yet, so try to make the most of it! See you soon!

Every photo in this post is mine.

All photos are mine. All photos are mine. All photos are mine. All photos are mine. All photos are mine.

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  1. Heyyy, wow this looked great, i’d really love to go to a One Direction concert myself! would you mind taking a minute to look at my recent post please? im new to this and trying to get some views, thankyou!


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