Songs Of The Month – August

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You may have recognized that I edited the blog a little bit. Finally, I got to make a proper header for the site and I’m very happy with it. I’m not a professional at making a design, so don’t judge me please, I did the best I could, haha. I insterted the read more tag as well. Anyway, I brought a post to you about my favourite songs of August. I have been listening to a lot of songs that I liked this month and it was very hard to choose only ten. I have to say, my absolute favourite has to be Drag Me Down by One Direction. I love that song so much and I also am really emotionally attached to it because of the concert, etc. I also enjoyed listening to some artists who I haven’t listened to a lot before, like Mumford & Sons. I’m very happy with this month’s list, I truly adore all of the songs mentioned. Let’s jump into it! (The songs are not in any particular order.)

  1. Thieves – The Beach
  2. Going To Be Wonderful – Tom Rosenthal
  3. The Cave – Mumford & Sons
  4. Little Black Submarines – The Black Keys
  5. When I’m Gone – Hobbie Stuart Continue reading Songs Of The Month – August

My One Direction Concert Experience

Hi! :)

As I promised, I’m here with a post all about my One Direction concert experience. I saw One Direction live in Indianapolis on July 31st. I literally had been waiting for the day when I finally could hear them live for about 4 years. It came true less than a month ago! I still can’t believe I saw them live, it was the best night of my life so far. I’m so thankful! I got to see them in Indianapolis, which is a few thousand kilometers away from me. Luckily, I was on holiday in the right place and right time. When I saw their On The Road Again Tour announcement, I immediately searched for Hungary in between the different countries, but then I noticed Vienna being there and I freaked out. I was like ’YES, I’m still home by then, I can go to the concert, oh my God!’, then I noticed Indianapolis and saw the date of the concert and was a hundred times more excited and I couldn’t believe that this was actually going to happen. However, a few months later I found myself inside my favourite stadium, the Lucas Oil Stadium, waiting for the concert to start. (By clicking on certain songs’ names, you can listen to them on Youtube – all credit goes to its creators.) Continue reading My One Direction Concert Experience

I’m Back

Hi! :)

I’m back! I have just got back a few days ago from my holiday and finally got to meet my family whom I haven’t seen in a long time. My time in the USA was incredible and I couldn’t be more thankful for getting the opportunity to go there again. It was so nice to spend some time with those whom I don’t see often. I spent the last few days just relaxing and mostly sleeping, really. Jetlag is defeating me this time, which is unusual, and I constantly feel like I could fall asleep anytime throughout the day.

In case you were wondering, I spent my time mainly in Indiana, but spent a couple of days in West Virginia as well. We also went to Washington D.C for a day, which was amazing. Experiencing 4th of July there was unbelievable, especially because we were watching an about four-hour fireworks show, which was created by our neighbours. As usual, I went a bit overboard with taking pictures, so I have a lot more than a thousand photos, ooops! I will put some in this post as well, so you can get a sneak peak of how my holiday looked like. Oh, and the One Direction concert was WONDERFUL! I loved every second of it. Most likely there will be another post of the concert soon, so keep your eyes open for that if you’re interested! Continue reading I’m Back