Pitch Perfect 2 and Eurovision Song Contest

Hi! :)

I couldn’t write a new post yesterday, because we didn’t have internet, which was very annoying. But I’m here today with some of my random thoughts.

Firstly, I went to the premiere of Pitch Perfect 2, which I had been waiting for since the film was announced. It was the first time that I went alone to the cinema, which was a bit weird, but great at the same time. In my opinion the film was even better, than the first one. As you may or may not know, Pitch Perfect is my favourite film, so it was a huge relief that the second film was amazing as well. Pentatonix were also in the movie, which I was so excited about, even if they were on screen for about a minute. I loved every second of this movie, and I can’t wait to watch it in English, too, because in the cinema it was only available in Hungarian. I highly recommend this film to you, if you can, go and watch it! It was so funny, I was laughing almost the whole way through. I love it.


Another thing. The Eurovision Song Contest is this week, and the final is tonight. So I thought I would tell you what songs I liked the most, and who I think will win the competition. I’m going to list the 27 songs which got into the final, and I will highlight my favourites. (The countries will perform in this order tonight).

01. Slovenia

02. France

03. Israel

04. Estonia

05. United Kingdom

06. Armenia

07. Lithuania

08. Serbia

09. Norway

10. Sweden

11. Cyprus

12. Australia

13. Belgium

14. Austria

15. Greece

16. Montenegro

17. Germany

18. Poland

19. Latvia

20. Romania

21. Spain

22. Hungary

23. Georgia

24. Azerbaijan

25. Russia

26. Albania

27. Italy

To be honest, at first I didn’t like my country’s song, but then live in the semi-final it stood out from the other songs for me, so I think that’s why it got through. It is a good song, the lyrics is amazing, but I still think that the song is boring, it could have had a better rythm or something. But I wish the best of luck to Boggie, I hope she’ll do a great job tonight! All the songs I enjoyed are in the final, so I’m excited to see the results :). I think Sweden will win, but secretly I want Hungary to win haha. The Lithuanian and the Austrian songs are not bad either, I wanted to mention that. If you can, watch the song contest tonight!

That’s all I had to say today, I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Which country’s song do you like the most? Who do you think will win the song contest? Have you seen Pitch Perfect 2 yet? If so, did you like it? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for being here! See you soon! :)

Bye x



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