Reasons To Be Happy

Hi! :)

Sometimes it is very hard to find some reasons to be happy, so today I attempt to share with you some reasons which make me want to be happier even on my bad days. I was inspired by a post I read on the Books, Tea and a Onesie blog, which by the way I really like. In one of her recent posts she talked about creating her own hashtag #BTOReasonsToBeHappy, which I thought was a great idea. I decided to dedicate a whole post for the reasons to be happy hashtag, and try to spread happiness everywhere in the world. Whoever is on my blog right now, I wish you the best, and try to seek the things to be happy for. Anyway, it’s time to collect some reasons to be happy in my opinion.

Generally, I try to be as positive about things as I can be, but occasionally I am very-very pessimist. It’s difficult to focus on the things which make you feel good and healthy all the time, and I’m sure everyone has a down time sometimes. I am a person who has lots of bad days, especially in the last few weeks because of the huge amount of stress I have to deal with. So it’s the perfect time to try to let the negative thoughts go away and attract some positive thoughts into my mind instead.

  1.  Having a family can stress you out sometimes, but actual thought of having some people who are always there for you, love and support you is an important reason to be happy. It seems to be obvious that they are there for us, but if they weren’t we would be in a very big trouble and actually feel how important they really are to us, even if we don’t really agree with each other a few times. Some relatives who live far away from me make me very happy, too. The thought of meeting them again is one of the best feelings ever.
  2.  Travelling is one of my all time favourite hobbies. I love travelling, mostly going on holidays. Exploring a new place makes me very excited and I always am very grateful when I get to do that.
  3.  Books are the most amazing inventions in life. Maybe not, but one of those for sure. Reading a book that I like is very exciting and always makes me happy. Mostly I read books in Hungarian, but I have read some in English as well, which I really enjoy. Actually, one of my favourite books is only in English, it’s Zoe Sugg’s book called Girl Online, which I did a blogpost about a couple months ago.
  4.  Music helps me a lot when I’m not feeling my best. There was not a single time when it didn’t make me feel better. I think that to be able to listen to various types of music is as magical as the fact that there is a song with the right meaning at the right time for you. To hear new music or discover a new artist is a satisfying feeling as well.
  5.  Movies and series also cheer me up and relax me a bit if I’m tense. I usually watch them at home, but going to a cinema to watch a film is a nice relaxing time, too.
  6.  Youtube makes me incredibly happy and I’m thankful for that. You probably already know this from my Youtubers series. I love watching Youtubers’ videos, it’s one of my favourite hobbies. Youtubers always cheer me up and are there for me, make my day.

These are some of my reasons to be happy. I could share a lot more with you, but I didn’t want it to be boring for you. I hope you enjoyed reading post. Let me know in the comments below some things that make you happy, or blog about it with the cool hashtag, #BTOReasonsToBeHappy! Also, big shoutout again to the BTO blog for creating this idea, check out that blog as well by clicking on the name of the blog! Thanks for being here! See you soon! :)


Bye x



4 thoughts on “Reasons To Be Happy”

  1. Everything you wrote is a very good reason to be happy. I would also be quite happy if I got to live in Hungary for awhile. Reading your blog brings me happiness, too.


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