Songs Of The Month – April

Hi! :)

Only one and a half months till summer break! April has gone a lot quicker than I expected. This month it was very difficult to pick my favourite songs, because I had a lot more, than 10, which to be honest is very unusual for me. I discovered lots of good music, so I listened to music whenever I could throughout the past month. Lots of my favourite artists released a new album in March, so those were constantly playing on my Spotify. I’ve come around some musicians, which I would have never thought I would like something from, so I was very surprised. That U2 song is like that for example, I heard it on the radio and did not know who it was from, so I memorized a few lines from the lyrics and searched it online the next day, luckily with a success. I’m very happy with this months’ songs, so there they are (the songs are not in any particular order):

1. Just A Thought – Hudson Taylor

2. Shut Up And Dance – Walk The Moon

3. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) – U2

4. Bad Habit – The Kooks

5. Luv, Hold Me Down – Drowners

6. King – Years & Years

7. Alive – Port Isla

8. Around Town – The Kooks

9. Breezeblocks – Alt-J

10. Best Fake Smile – James Bay

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and could find one or two songs that you like as well, but may have not known before. Thanks for being here! I’m trying to be more active, but I can’t promise anything. My six day-break has just started, so I’ll try my best to write more, but I have to do loads of projects for school as well, so after I finish them hopefully I’ll be back with another proper post. :) See you soon!


Bye x



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