My Glass Animals Concert Experience

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I have mentioned before that I may write some of my thoughts about the Glass Animals concert which I had been to on the last day of March in Budapest. I don’t know if I am able to write about it as I planned it in my head, but I will try to. What should I start with?

We had to travel from my hometown to Budapest, so we left in the afternoon so we could get there in time. My friends and I had some spare time before the show, so we did some touristy things and looked around the city a bit.

When the doors opened, we walked in to the club where the concert took place, and wandered around. After a while I glimpsed the whole band, Glass Animals sitting around a round table talking with each other and probably with some crew members, too. At that exact moment, I literally thought I was going to faint. I was so genuinely happy that I saw them live, even before the concert, that I was shocked. I think I freaked out. I was still standing still and talking with my friends, so I wasn’t that type of girl who starts to jump and scream or anything. But I still am a fangirl, and was just happy. Later on, I walked past three out of the four boys, and in my head I knew it felt so amazing for a girl who is so obsessed with bands, and I was so thankful for those who made it possible for me to be there at that night at the concert. And I still am. However, I am usually very-very shy and introverted, so I didn’t go up to them and didn’t ask for a picture, even if in reality I could have done that. But I know I’m like that, which sucks. I’m trying to be more confident and courageous though. At the same time, I still stepped out of my comfort zone that night, because normally I would not go to a concert like this. The average age group was a few years older than me, more than twenty year-olds, and I probably was one of the youngest there, even if I wasn’t so young anymore. Anyway, sorry for rambling, but it is part of my experience and means a lot to me. Let’s move on!

The supporting act was a Hungarian band who officially is settled in London, called Volkova Sisters. To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes. They walked past me and talked in Hungarian to one of the organizers saying that they will start playing soon, so we went down to the big hall, where the concert was. The sound system (I don’t know if it is how you say it) was horrible, we could not hear a word the lead singer was singing. I would have stayed there for a bit and wanted to listen to their music, but we couldn’t bear the awful sound the speakers produced. Because of this we left the concert and sat down outside in the bar part of the club and chatted till that band finished. I was a little bit worried, because I thought the sound system will ruin the whole Glass Animals concert, but fortunately it did not at all. We stood approximately in the ninth or tenth row, and of course, all the tallest people stood in front of us, so we struggled for a bit to find a better place where we actually could see something. The stage had that jungle vibe which their album, Zaba represents, so it was very cool, but the stage was also very smokey so the pictures that I took turned out to be horrible in the end because of that. I will still insert a picture though.

We were in the ’room’ half an hour before the show was meant to start, so it felt like we had been standing there for ages, but it definitely was worth the time to wait. I’m not a 100% sure what the order of the songs they played is, but I’ll try my best to remember it. The song they started with was Black Mambo, which is their most recent single. Everyone was singing and enjoying the song, and it was so good to experience. There was a guy to the left of me though, who stood still for a while and only started to dance after a few songs, which I thought was funny (he was there with his girlfriend). The second song was Psylla, which was followed by Exxus, one of my favourite songs of the album. I noticed that the big hall was almost full, which surprised me a lot, because this indie rock band only was formed in 2012, and their first album, Zaba came our last year. Still they had lots of Hungarian fans, more than I imagined. The capacity of the big hall is up to 1500 people, which I think is a lot, if you consider that Glass Animals isn’t that popular band yet, not to mention that this concert was in Hungary, not in their homecountry, England. Gooey was the next song, which actually is their most famous song, and every single person knew all the words to it, especially that ’peanut butter vibe’ line. It was followed by Walla Walla, then Intruxx came as the next one. The lead singer, Dave said ‘Köszönöm’ (Thank you) twice or three times, and the crowd went crazy. The also covered a 2pac’s California Love, but I can’t remember when, I mean after which song they played it. They performed it for the first time ever, and the crowd really enjoyed it. Then the next song was Hazey, which is another popular song. My all-time favourite Glass Animals song came next, which was Toes. I filmed the whole song, but I can’t hear anything in the video other than the horrible sound which may be from the sound system or from my phone, which may not be as good as I thought it was. But the song sounded amazing live, and I felt so grateful at that moment. The next two songs were Flip and Cocoa Hooves, and lastly, Wyrd. Then they left the stage. They came back for the encore. They performed the Kanye West cover, Love Lockdown which everybody was talking about, that this song sounds the best live. I don’t know if it sounded the best, but it was awesome for sure. The crowd loved it a lot. The last song of the concert was Pools, which again, is a popular one. It was a nice way to finish the whole show.

Glass Animals is a band which I would really want to hear live a lot more, and hopefully will. They are such genuine guys, who produce very unique music. You recognize their music in the first second you hear it. They smiled the whole way through the concert, and you could see how thankful they felt for the amount of people who enjoy their music and know all the words of the album. It was such a great concert experience for me. It was a lot different from other concerts I’ve been to, but it didn’t feel weird at all. It felt unbelievably precious. Dave came off of the stage into the crowd while singing a one of the songs and this whole thing was very fascinating. I truly recommend you to go to one of their concerts if you get a chance and if you like their music, of course. They sound the same live as on the album, and every sound is produced live as well, which I find very cool.

Well, this was my experience. If you click on some of the songs’ names, you can listen to them. Some of the songs are not on their official Youtube channel, so I couldn’t link those ones, but you can still look them up if you’re interested. I hope you liked reading this post, and it wasn’t too boring, because of the length of it. Let me know in the comments below if you like them or not! I know they aren’t everyone’s type of band, but they are very talented and worth at least a glance at their music. Thanks for being here! What’s the last concert you have been to? Tell me in the comments! See you soon! :)

It is my picture. It's the best out of all that I took that night and is still very rubbish. Sorry about that.
It is my picture. It’s the best out of all that I took that night and is still very rubbish. Sorry about that.
It is not my photo. I do not own any rights.
It is not my photo. I do not own any rights.

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2 thoughts on “My Glass Animals Concert Experience”

  1. A good sound system is so important. I went to a concert once where I couldn’t hear the singing at all. It looked like only the people directly in front of the stage could hear well. I really wanted to be there and hear the music, but we left after about 20 minutes. I will never go to another concert at that venue again. (But I don’t go to concerts very much anyway.)


    1. Yes, it is very important. That’s why I was so afraid before the concert, but in my case it turned out very well. Sorry to hear your experience about that, it really is the worst feeling to have at a concert.


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