Songs Of The Month – March

Hi! :)

I still remember every detail of that day when I had written my February edition of my ‘Songs Of The Month’ post. March flew by sooo fast! Actually, this month turned out to be a lot more enjoyable than I thought it would be. (I’m not sure if this sentence is gramatically correct to be honest, sorry). Today I’m here with another one of these posts. I had been listening to Glass Animals a lot this past month, because I had been so excited about the concert that I went to yesterday. I may write about the concert later, but I’m not sure yet. Do you want to read about my opinion on it? The song ‘World Without You’ by Hudson Taylor is here again, I literally am obsessed with this song. So, here is my list of the songs I listened to the most in March (the songs are not particularly in order):

1. Runaway – AURORA

2. Higher – Sigma ft. Labrinth

3. Exxus – Glass Animals

4. Elastic Heart / Love Me Like You Do Mash Up – Conor Maynard (cover)

5. Angel Of Small Death And The Codeine Scene – Hozier

6. Infinity – AJR (with Macy Kate & Kurt Schneider)

7. Gooey – Glass Animals

8. World Without You – Hudson Taylor

9. If You Ever Want To Be In Love – James Bay

10. Smile – Mikky Ekko

What songs did you listen to the most in March? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for being here! See you soon! Happy Easter! :)


Bye x



2 thoughts on “Songs Of The Month – March”

  1. Your grammar was fine for that sentence. However, later on you wrote, “the songs are not particularly in order.” We are more likely to say “the songs are not in any particular order.” Even still ALL of your sentences were very good. I am always delighted at how well you write in English.

    I hope you have a great Easter and Easter Monday, too!


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