Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

Hi! :)

I have already mentioned in one of my posts, that most of the time I prefer to stay in my comfort zone. I think I have always been a person who would have enjoyed going on exciting adventures, but I wouldn’t have actually done anything for making that happen. I see lots of inspiring people around me and online, so they make me want to change the fact that I’m not that adventurous and sociable. Exactly because of it, this year I decided to push myself out there even just a little bit more. It means for example, that I say yes to a lot more things, to which I wouldn’t necessarily have said yes before. I have social anxiety, so most of the time it is a huge factor of me not getting out of the house. I try to spend more time with my friends and go to the cinema at least once every two months. It’s been working so far. I will also go to a few concerts this year, at this point I’m going to two concerts for sure and one of them is on the other side of the world. It’s crazy, isn’t it? I don’t go there just because of the concert, don’t worry! :) The other one is in my country at the end of March, it may happen that I’ll write about how it went, I don’t know yet. I only have been to one major concert, which was Bruno Mars’. To be honest, I’m very shy when it comes to speaking in English with someone whose native language is English, or is from abroad. It just freaks me out and I have no idea why. It’s so hard to even say a word in English. I’m trying to fix that though. We have four exchange students from the U.S. till the end of March, and I’ll travel abroad in the summer, so I try to speak without being a complete idiot because of being nervous. You can see it now, I really have to change that and push my boundaries sometimes.

What do you think? Can you discover something similar in your life? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below, because this topic truly interests me! I hope you enjoyed reading this post. Thanks for being here! See you soon!

Hint. (I do not own any rights of this photo.)

P.s.: I wrote a math chapter test this Monday, and it’s a 5!!! (A in the U.S.) Since it’s a chapter test, it counts as two fives, so it’s like I got two A’s! And it’s math! I couldn’t believe it, I’m so proud of myself. Sometimes you just gotta work really hard and it pays off in the end.

Bye x



2 thoughts on “Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone”

  1. I am so surprised to read that you don’t feel comfortable speaking English. Your writing is very good with only an occasional grammatical error.

    I on the other hand I don’t feel comfortable writing even one sentence in Hungarian unless I have my son proofread it first. I limit my speaking to easy phrases such as Köszönöm szépen, but I hope that will change someday.

    Congratulations on the great math score! I’m proud of you, too!

    Where on the other side of the world is the concert?


    1. Thank you! I have always been scared to speak English, I guess it’s because I’m generally shy… or I don’t really know. Good luck with learning Hungarian! Thanks again! :) It’s in the USA.


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