Youtubers – Hudson Taylor

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I am here with another post. It is a special one for me. In this episode of my ’Youtubers ’ series I wanted to talk about a band called Hudson Taylor. They started their Youtube channel in 2011. They are an Irish pop-folk duo,consisting of Harry and Alfie, two brothers. I have known them from the very beginning, which makes me so proud. Since then, they have reached so many things! Their first ever album, Singing For Strangers comes out on Monday worldwide, which you can pre-order by clicking here. On their channel, they mostly post original posts, but very rarely they do covers, too. I like them because of their originality and that they are so genuine. They are very calming tol isten to, and they love making music, which can be seen from their videos. They were the first duo who I had discovered back then playing this type of music and I have been in love with them ever since. Continue reading Youtubers – Hudson Taylor



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Sorry for not posting yesterday, but I felt very ill. Since I’m not feeling much better, I couldn’t write a proper post for this week, and I was busy all week with school, so again, sorry. I almost posted something which I wrote for English class, we have to hand in an essay next week. But at the end, I decided not to, because I’m too scared, haha. Guess what! The Paper Towns movie trailer is finally out and I’m so excited to see it in the cinema. The release date has been moved to July 24th, so I have to wait one more month for it to come out (it would have come out in June), but it’s all good, I can wait. Here it is:

What do you think of it? Will you watch the movie?

This week was such a struggle for me, it went by so slowly. Yesterday we celebrated one of my friends’ birthday and had dinner at a restaurant (the food was awesome). It was so much fun. Unfortunately, I had to go home earlier than most of the others, because I didn’t feel very well. Continue reading Apologies

Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

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I have already mentioned in one of my posts, that most of the time I prefer to stay in my comfort zone. I think I have always been a person who would have enjoyed going on exciting adventures, but I wouldn’t have actually done anything for making that happen. I see lots of inspiring people around me and online, so they make me want to change the fact that I’m not that adventurous and sociable. Exactly because of it, this year I decided to push myself out there even just a little bit more. It means for example, that I say yes to a lot more things, to which I wouldn’t necessarily have said yes before. I have social anxiety, so most of the time it is a huge factor of me not getting out of the house. I try to spend more time with my friends and go to the cinema at least once every two months. Continue reading Getting Out Of My Comfort Zone

A Short Rambling?!

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I feel like it’ll be a quite short post. I just wanted to tell you some things that happened to me over the last few weeks, in case you’re interested. I’m still very busy writing loads of tests, also I’m going to have two chapter tests newt week, of math and history. I’m very excited and can’t wait till summer starts, too. I don’t particularly prefer the weather, but I’ll have the best time of my life for sure, and visit some of my relatives whom I haven’t seen in ages. To update you on how I’m doing with my new year’s ‘resolutions’, I still eat healthier, and I do drink a lot more water than I drank last year, so I’m doing pretty well I think. I haven’t had the chance yet to watch any of the movies which I want to see this year and which are already out though because of the lack of free time I have, but I definitely will watch them anytime soon. I’ve wanted to see Whiplash for so long now, but I still couldn’t sit down and spend a little time just concentrating on the film, so I have to do it very soon! Continue reading A Short Rambling?!