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I’m here again with another ’episode’ of Youtubers. In the first one I talked about Leroy, who is one of my biggest favourites, but today I will write about Bethany Mota, who is my absolute favourite. She is the first Youtuber who I had discovered.

Currently she is 19 years old, and she is American with Mexican and Portuguese roots, too. Her channel was created in 2009 and it’s mainly about beauty and fashion. I have known her since 2010 and have love her ever since then. She is a very humble, adoring, kind-hearted, helpful, creative, and a fun girl. Her videos always cheer me up, and her editing skills are on point, also getting better and better. She a great sence in designing, her room is very colourful and always up-to-date, when it’s Easter it’s Easter-themed, when it’s Valentine’s Day it’s V-Day-themed. She also does cooking videos and vlogs on her second channel called Bethanyslife (click here to see her second channel).

Her channel name for a few years was called Macbarbie07, but I think last year or even the year before she changed it to Bethany Mota. Right now her channel has over 8 million subscribers, and she is one of the most successful Youtubers. Over a year ago she launched her own fashion line at Aéropostale, and became a fashion designer which was/is one of her dreams coming true. A few months ago she participated in the 19th season of Dancing with the Stars and her and her partner, Derek Hough finished in the 4th place. She also partnered with huge names, like Teen Vogue and has won a Teen Choice and a Streamy Award. A few weeks ago she was lucky enough along with two other Youtubers represent the online community and interview President Barack Obama, from which she got a lot of hate because of previously saying she isn’t really involved in politics. The aim of that interview was to raise awareness to the importance of politics for different age groups, and I think she did a great job asking questions which really fit her personality. Later in 2014 she released a single called Need You Right Now featuring Mike Tompkins, which again was followed by a public outcry. She was named one of the 25 most influential teens of 2014 by Time magazine.

All in all, she is one of my favourite people from the internet. Following her since 2010 had a huge impact on me in a positive way, and she helped me a lot with her fun and cheerful videos. Seeing her grow up, and growing up with her at the same time were amazing things to experience. She is living her dream right now, and it’s great to see where she came from and where she is now, what she’s achieved so far. It’s mind-blowing to think about that a few days ago she walked down a catwalk at NYFW. It is insane. She love her viewers and says it a lot, even though she’s got a lot of hate in these past months for not uploading that regularly because of her busy schedule. She seems to be very happy in each of her videos and thankful for the support of every single viewer of hers.

I love her so much and it may sound fangirly but oh well, I am fangirling, she has helped me so much throughout these few years. She even made my day be following me back on Twitter two years ago. I was so blessed. I really hope I will meet her one day, because she is a true inspiration for me, and one of the loveliest human beings on Earth.

I could talk for ages about her and write a whole novel, but I don’t have the energy to do it right now, and probably you don’t really care. You can check out her main channel by clicking here, and let me know what you think of her please! I would love to hear your opinion about her, even if it’s negative. Sorry if this post was a bit rubbish, but I’m not feeling my best and I’m very tired as well. But I hope you still enjoyed reading this post. :) Thanks for being here! See you soon!

She's in the middle. This picture was taken before interviewing the President.
She’s in the middle. This picture was taken before interviewing the President.

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5 thoughts on “Youtubers – Bethany Mota”

  1. omg Bethany is my favorite youtuber EVER♥♥♥ She actually inspired me into making a youtube channel of my own. Its called jmc_style if you would like to check it out :) the link is also on my blog♥


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