Eurovision 2015

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I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year. It is a song competition between European countries. It is around spring time every single year, and the contest for choosing the Hungarian participant has already began. I don’t want to write a whole novel about this song contest, you can look it up somewhere if you’re interested in it. Hungary has 30 contestants this year, and I thought that I would tell you my opinion about the songs. I won’t go into lots of details, basically I’ll just tell you what song I like of all of them, because I’m not an expert.

You can listen to the studio versions of the songs by clicking here.

You will be able to listen to the songs live and also to see the performances by clicking on these links. (The first link only includes 10 live performances):

The songs that are still competing will be written in bold letters (it will be updated if I don’t forget it). I will leave „LIKE” after the songs that I prefer. :

Keresztes Ildikó – Hazám Hazád Lehet – LIKE

New Level Empire – Homelight

Oláh Gergő – A Tükör Előtt

Dér Heni – Ébresztő

Gájer Bálint – That’s How It Goes

Szabó Ádám – Give Me Your Love

Leander Rising – Lőjetek Fel

Other Planet – Untold Story – LIKE

Magyar Bori – Lead Me To Heaven

Passed – Mesmerize

Antal Timi – Woke up this way

Éliás Gyula JR. Feat. Fourtissimo – Run to You


Mujahid Zoltán – Beside You  – LIKE

Pankastic! – Kicsi a világ, de nagy világ

Fool Moon – Back to right – LIKE

Proof of life – Hol a határ

Szakács Gergő – Ősz utca – LIKE

Szűcs Gabi – Úgysem felejtesz el

Wolf Kati – Ne engedj el

Chances – The night

Csemer Boglárka – Wars for Nothing – THE WINNER

Dallos Bogi – World of Violence

Farkas-Jenser Balázs – Liar – LIKE

Karmapolis – The time is now

MDC – Maniac

Péter Barbara – Listen to the universe

Spoon – Keep marching on

Szécsi Saci és Böbe – Our time – LIKE

Tóth Vera – Gyémánt

My favourite songs are Our Time by Szécsi Saci and Böbe, and Back To Right by Fool Moon, so I’m very disappointed that these songs are already gone. However, I hope the country will choose the best option of the songs, and someone who can proudly represent our country.

I don’t know what else to say, I think I’ve told you everything I wanted to say, if something pops into my mind I’ll let you know then. What is your opinion about this year’s songs? What are your favourite and least favourite ones? Let me know in the comments below! I hope you had an amazing day, and that you liked reading this post. Thanks for being here! See you soon!:)

Last year's top 26
Last year’s top 26

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10 thoughts on “Eurovision 2015”

    1. I like Mujahid Zoltán’s song ‘Beside You’ the best out of the songs which are still competing, but I don’t think it will win. To be honest, I prefered last year’s songs a lot more, but we’ll see how this goes :) Which is your favourite?

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      1. I don’t think either… Yes, they should have sent that song this year too! ;)

        I haven’t heard all the Hungarian songs, but I hope that Alexandra Joner will win the final with her song Cinderella. I really love that song!


      2. I look forward to the actual song contest though, it will be so nice to hear and see different kinds of songs from all over Europe. I always love to pick my favourite ones and then see how far they get through. That song perfect for something like the Eurovision.

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