You know you’re Hungarian when…

Hi! :)

I was not going to post today, but I’ve just come across an article about being Hungarian, and how you know you’re Hungarian. I find the article very funny and it’s so true, that I thought I’d share it with you.


“You know you’re Hungarian when…

1. you know the phrase “three is the Hungarian truth”
2. you can swear for 5 minutes straight, with one breath, not using the same word, ever
3. you never heard anybody say anything positive about politics
4. you don’t know at least half of the people at family celebrations
5. you love Túró Rudi but can’t really explain to foreigners what the hell it is until they try it
6. for every meaning there are about 5 words

7. you have at least one relative who’s named Attila.

Or József. Or János. Or László. Or István.
8. zou cant tzpe on and English kezboard because y and z are mixed up
9. any foreigner’s passing mention of Transylvania will set off

a twenty-minute rant about the Treaty of Trianon
10. you, being a girl, smell like a mixture of 20 different perfumes on Easter Monday
11. you, being a boy, run around with your mother’s old perfumes to earn more red Easter eggs on Easter Monday
12. you love Mákos Guba but you can’t explain what MÁK is, neither GUBA to anyone… and if you finally can, everyone thinks that you’re some kind of weirdo for eating that
13. you know your Name Day! call a 79 km long lake (the Balaton) the Hungarian Sea. And you are able to swim across it!
15.Santa brings you presents on the 6th of December and not at Christmas
16. you know how to open a bottle of wine with only a screw and a pair of pliers call the triagle shaped cheese that comes in a circle shaped box a cheese cube know how to tell the age of an apple think that a glass of ‘pálinka’ or ‘forralt bor’ is better than medicine
20. you can say “megszentségteleníthetetlenségeskedéseitekért”

– See more at:

ngarian-when/#sthash.LTfzUkra.dpuf ”

It’s very short post since as I mentioned I wasn’t going to post today, but I hope you’ve learnt something new about Hungarians today. :) Thanks for being here! See you soon!


Bye x



4 thoughts on “You know you’re Hungarian when…”

  1. All of my husband’s grandparents were born in Hungary, but he was born in California. Almost everything on the list doesn’t apply to him and that makes me a little sad. I’ve eaten Túró Rudi, but he doesn’t even know it exists. He does recognize the name István because that was his grandfather’s name. On the other hand, he doesn’t drink or swear at all, and I do appreciate that.


    1. Of course, it can’t be true for everyone, but it is for the majority – maybe not all of them though. The ones about alcohol are not true for me, since I’m still under age and I don’t feel like I want to drink it. Don’t be sad at all, it’s even okay if he only can relate to one of them, since he’s been living in another country. Yes, István is one of the most common names in Hungary and it’s been a popular name since the ancient times. I love Túró Rudi, did you like it? Swearing isn’t a great thing to do, but lots of Hungarians can swear a lot, even if they don’t do, they probably know a lot of ugly words, because the words used for swearing are very diverse. And to answer to the drinking part: this country is also very famous for its wine and pálinka, and loads of people drink a lot (which is very dangerous). But it is a fact, that ‘pálinka’ and ‘forralt bor’ are better than medicines sometimes, e.g. in case of having a flu or a cold, because it kills bacteria pretty efficiently. Thank you for commenting, and sorry for writing a long comment, I was just happy that I could read your little story! :) It’s nice to know there are so many people around the world with a Hungarian origin.


  2. I thought the Túró Rudi tasted good even if the ingredient list isn’t all that healthy.
    I enjoy reading about Hungary and Hungarians. I’m not judging them. I’ve tried learning Hungarian off and on. I still have a long way to go, but I have a son who taught it to himself, lived there a couple of years, and can speak it fluently. He often speaks it to his children, but they are far from fluent.
    I love researching my husband’s genealogy, too. Pálinkás (Brandy) is one of the many surnames in his ancestry.


    1. It’s good to hear that you’re interested in learning the language, keep it going, and good luck with it! It is very hard though, so it’s totally fine if it’s a slow process. :) I’ve heard of that surname before, but I don’t think that’s very common, at least not near me.


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