Songs Of The Month – February

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February is almost over, so I’m here with another songs of the month post. This month was so productive and great for me, I found lots of tunes that I like a LOT. There are more than ten favourites of mine, so it was very hard to choose my top 10. Still, there are some songs which I’ve known for a while, but I listened to it loads this month, so I thought I should include those as well. I really hope you can find some songs from this list which you are fond of, too, because this month’s songs are one of my favourites, I literally played them non-stop. The songs are not necessarily in order.

1. Anna Sun – Walk The Moon

2. Hold Back The River – James Bay

3. Geronimo – Sheppard

4. World Without You – Hudson Taylor

5. Oceans – Coasts Continue reading Songs Of The Month – February


Youtubers – Bethany Mota

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I’m here again with another ’episode’ of Youtubers. In the first one I talked about Leroy, who is one of my biggest favourites, but today I will write about Bethany Mota, who is my absolute favourite. She is the first Youtuber who I had discovered.

Currently she is 19 years old, and she is American with Mexican and Portuguese roots, too. Her channel was created in 2009 and it’s mainly about beauty and fashion. I have known her since 2010 and have love her ever since then. She is a very humble, adoring, kind-hearted, helpful, creative, and a fun girl. Her videos always cheer me up, and her editing skills are on point, also getting better and better. She a great sence in designing, her room is very colourful and always up-to-date, when it’s Easter it’s Easter-themed, when it’s Valentine’s Day it’s V-Day-themed. She also does cooking videos and vlogs on her second channel called Bethanyslife (click here to see her second channel). Continue reading Youtubers – Bethany Mota

Films I Look Forward To In 2015

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Today I thought I’d write about what films I look forward to this year. I’ll mention films that are already released, but I haven’t watched them yet. Watching films is probably one of my favourite things to do in my free time, even if I don’t watch films that often because of the lack of time I have. But this year’s upcoming movies made me realize how much I miss sitting down and watch a great film from the start to its end. This is the reason why I want to watch loads more films than I have usually done throughout these past few years of high school.

Most of the time I watch a film at home, but this year I have already been in a cinema with my friends, and the musical we had watched was incredible, totally not what I expected it to be, to be honest with you. Into the Woods is a beautiful film, with a very talented cast in it. I thought it would be very dull at first before we decided to watch it, and I was very surprised. It wasn’t boring at all, it was the funniest movie I’ve seen in a long time. They made Cinderella’s, Little Red Riding Hood’s , Rapunzel’s, and Jack and the Beanstalk’s story very exciting and special by modernising it a little bit, which didn’t make it look very cheap. Continue reading Films I Look Forward To In 2015

Eurovision 2015

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I watch the Eurovision Song Contest every year. It is a song competition between European countries. It is around spring time every single year, and the contest for choosing the Hungarian participant has already began. I don’t want to write a whole novel about this song contest, you can look it up somewhere if you’re interested in it. Hungary has 30 contestants this year, and I thought that I would tell you my opinion about the songs. I won’t go into lots of details, basically I’ll just tell you what song I like of all of them, because I’m not an expert.

You can listen to the studio versions of the songs by clicking here.

You will be able to listen to the songs live and also to see the performances by clicking on these links. (The first link only includes 10 live performances): Continue reading Eurovision 2015

Songs Of The Month – January


January flew by so quickly! I thought it will go by very slowly, as it usually does, so I’m surprised now. This month wasn’t the most pruductive month so far concerning the music, songs I listened to. Almost every song is very old, and kind of throwbacky. Sia’s ’Chandelier’ was also in my December favourites, and I think before then, too, but I’m in a huge love with the live version of it which she did on SNL, especially the idea of the sign language involved in. There is one song, ’Earned It’ by The Weeknd which I normally won’t put in this list, because I really don’t like the music video for it, but I like the song and I listened to it a lot last month, so I guess I should still put it on the list. By the way, the songs are not necessarily in order.

  1. Chandelier – Sia (Live on SNL)
  2. Sugar – Maroon 5
  3. Take Me To Church – Hozier
  4. Elastic Heart – Sia
  5. Get Home – Angus & Julia Stone Continue reading Songs Of The Month – January

You know you’re Hungarian when…

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I was not going to post today, but I’ve just come across an article about being Hungarian, and how you know you’re Hungarian. I find the article very funny and it’s so true, that I thought I’d share it with you.


“You know you’re Hungarian when…

1. you know the phrase “three is the Hungarian truth”
2. you can swear for 5 minutes straight, with one breath, not using the same word, ever
3. you never heard anybody say anything positive about politics
4. you don’t know at least half of the people at family celebrations
5. you love Túró Rudi but can’t really explain to foreigners what the hell it is until they try it
6. for every meaning there are about 5 words

Continue reading You know you’re Hungarian when…