Youtubers – Leroy Sanchez

Hi! :)

I had mentioned it a while ago that I wanted to write about the youtubers I watch, and mostly about my favourite ones. The day has come, it’s the first post of this ’series’, which I’m very excited about, since I love talking about youtubers and Youtube in general. I thought I will start with one of my favourite person on Youtube, Leroy Sanchez.

Leroy has been on Youtube for over 8 years now, which is really crazy to think about, almost right after Youtube had been created. He is a 23-year-old Spanish singer and songwriter, who currently lives in Los Angeles. He happened to be one of the first people who I’d found on Youtube, which is insane. I have known him for about 4 years, and he still is one of the best artists out there I think. His voice is amazing, unique, beautiful and very calming. I have loved every single song he’s covered and it’s just so nice to listen to him.

I even sent him a letter and a little present to him as well to his P.O. box a year ago, or maybe two years ago, when he first opened a P.O. box. I wrote in the letter to contact me, or do anything noticable when he gets the ’package’, because I was so worried that it won’t arrive there (it has happened before unfortunately). One day he posted a picture of the things I had sent him on almost all of his social media stuff thanking me them. By doing that, he literally made my day, which may sound crazy, but it really meant a lot to me (I’m very fangirly sometimes… Okay, most of the times). Then a month or two later I got a letter from him, which was so unbelievable to me, I was thrilled to bits, really. I already knew he was like the nicest person ever, but I could never thank him enough the impact he had and has on me. He is such a humble guy, who wishes everyone the best, and takes some time to write a handwritten letter to his viewers. It is insane, I appreciate it so much, I can’t even tell. (I don’t think he responds to the letters you send him this time, because he probably hasn’t got a lot of time, and is very busy, since he got a lot more popular since I sent him that letter).

Not only his voice is wonderful, but so his personality as well. He is the most genuine person ever. Currently he has over 480.000 subscribers, which I think doesn’t reflect his talent, he deserves at least a million for sure. At first he started out with covering songs, but later on he’s written some original songs, and at the moment he’s working on his debut album, which I’m super excited about. His official single, By My Sidehas just come out, check it out if you want to, I think it’s worth it! He is touring with Kate Voegele until the end of February in the US, and has toured with others before, too.

I highly recommend cheking out his Youtube channel, which you can do by clicking here. Let me know what you think about him, because I’m very curios if it’s just me that like him or not. Personally I think he’s awesome, and I hope I can meet him someday. I hope you enjoyed reading this post, and maybe you’ve just found a new person whose music is your taste. Thanks for being here! See you soon!


Bye x



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