Grades and Education Exhibition

Hi! :)

This post is also going to be an update kind of thing, because unfortunately I’m very busy and I don’t feel like my best right now, so sorry about that. As I said last time, I’m here to tell you how my grades turned out. I got very good grades, mostly 5s (in the USA it’s the grade A), but I have to improve my math and physics grades, because I’m terrible at them right now (mainly in math)… But I think I can be a lot better in math, my teacher said that I can get two grades better than what I got this half year. So I’m really dedicated about that, and we’re going to write a math test on Monday, what I hope will turn out great.

Anyway, today I was at Educatio, which is a kind of education exhibition, where you can find lots of new information about universities and colleges in Hungary and also abroad. Since I don’t know what I want to do as a profession yet, I thought it was a good idea to visit this exhibition one year before it’s too late. After being there for a few hours I still don’t know what I’m going to do, which is very scary. I want to study abroad for several reasons, but I haven’t got an idea which course I would like to learn. I just hope that I’ll figure it out by the end of summer, because if I don’t, then I’ll be in a very big trouble…

Again, sorry for this very-very short and rubbish post, but it’s not my day, I guess. I’ll try to write a post earlier then I usually do next week, but I can’t promise anything. I’ll have a few quite hard tests so those will take a lot of time out of my days. Hopefully you had an awesome week, and will have next week, too! Let me know in the comments below what will your week look like, I’m curios! Thanks for being here! See you soon!


Bye x



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