Being Sick All Week


This week might have been one of the worst weeks this year, because I got ill again, which is not like me. I’m never really ill, maybe I catch cold sometimes, but that’s okay. But this week I had fever for four days, which was terrible, and yet I went to school on Monday with having fever. It was a horrible idea, the doctor told off because of this on Tuesday… I had pharyngitis two or three weeks ago, and I believed that it was already gone, but it turned out this week, that it wasn’t completely gone, so my throat hurt so bad, that I couldn’t eat a lot of things. But I didn’t have an appetite anyway. Okay, it must be boring for you that I’m talking about being ill, haha, you obviously now what it’s like. I just simply don’t have to go through these kind of illnesses since I had my tonsils taken out. Uh, it’s the last day of school in 2014 today in Hungary, so the winter break starts now (for me, on Tuesday), and it’s so exciting! I’ve waited until this moment since fall break ended I think, haha. Anyway, sorry that this post was so short and boring, but I just wanted to give a little update, and I’m still not fully recovered, so I have to rest, relax a lot, and have to take a lot of pills. I’ll be back soon with another post next week I think, which I hope will be a lot more interesting, because it will be about Christmas traditions in Hungary, or something like that, because it’s very different from e.g. USA.

Thanks for being here! I hope you’re alright, not like me, and be careful, so you won’t be ill! See you soon!


Bye x



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