Girl Online Review


My dad ordered a book called Girl Online for my birthday a while ago. Since my birthday was in the middle of November, when the book wasn’t published yet, I had to wait till the beginning of December to finally hold it in my hands. My dad usually doesn’t order anything from a different country, but this time he made an exception.

When I first heard about this book being published, I got so excited, I instantly knew I had to get it somehow. Girl Online is written by Zoe Sugg, a Youtuber with millions of subscribers. I don’t want to talk about her in this post a lot, because I want to write an other post about just her in the near future sometime. But the title of the book really got me excited, and I found it very interesting, and adventurous. I’d say I am a bit narrow-minded with the book, because she wrote it, but I really am not. When it comes to books, I’m definitely not like that. I read books not caring who wrote it, but concentrating on the actual content of the book. It was like this, too, this time. When winter break had finally started, I was very keen on starting to read this book, because I hadn’t really got a chance before to sit down and start reading. So I did a few days ago. I finished the book in three days, which I was impressed with, because I have only read one other book written in English before. It is the second one. Continue reading Girl Online Review


A Hungarian Christmas


As I promised, I am here with a post about Christmas in Hungary. Christmas here is very different from e.g. how Americans celebrate it.

We don’t have Santa Claus at Christmas, but we have Santa on the 6th December. On the fifth, little kids clean their boots, then put them in the window. On the morning of 6th December, Santa Claus comes and puts a little red package of sweets, and small stuff in it, which fit in the boots. If the kids were bad, then Santa puts a ’golden stick’ in their boots, showing that they should behave better next year, but obviously, they get the red package as well. So it’s the story of Santa. Kind of.

But on the 24th December, the majority of the people put up the Christmas tree together (or not), and have a lovely day. On that evening everyone has their traditional dinners together at the table. You usually can find fish, fish soup, apple, nuts, honey,stuffed cabbage, and mostly bejgli on the table. Bejgli is a traditional Hungarian pastry, cake, or desert, I don’t know how to describe it (I will insert a picture here), and we mainly eat it only at Christmas time. Of course, other meals, too, and there is defenitely a lot of food on the table, because every Hungarian loves a huge yummy meal. After eating our dinner, we go and take a lot at the Christmas tree, which by then has presents under it. Everyone sits around the tree and open their presents, and have fun. So that is it basically for 24th December. It can differ in other families a little bit, but we celebrate Christmas like this, and I know that a lot of other Hungarians do, too. Continue reading A Hungarian Christmas

Being Sick All Week


This week might have been one of the worst weeks this year, because I got ill again, which is not like me. I’m never really ill, maybe I catch cold sometimes, but that’s okay. But this week I had fever for four days, which was terrible, and yet I went to school on Monday with having fever. It was a horrible idea, the doctor told off because of this on Tuesday… I had pharyngitis two or three weeks ago, and I believed that it was already gone, but it turned out this week, that it wasn’t completely gone, so my throat hurt so bad, that I couldn’t eat a lot of things. Continue reading Being Sick All Week

Best Christmas Songs


I was feeling very crappy last week, because I was ill, so I didn’t go to school. Not going to school meant that I was bored a lot, so I was listening to Christmas music almost all day, when I didn’t try to sleep a few hours. Anyway, since I listened to basically every single Christmas song over and over again, I thought it’d be a good idea to show you some of my favourites. So there they are:

Pentatonix – White Winter Hymnal:

Feliz Navidad:

Shakin Stevens – Merry Christmas Everyone: Continue reading Best Christmas Songs



Second post in a week, what?! I’ve wanted to write this post for a very long time, but I never really knew how to start, or what to write, because I have so much going on in my mind about this topic. Then, because I was so uncertain about this post, I decided not to overthink things, and just write down what’s on my mind.

Youtube is a huge part of my life, and has been for lots of years. Youtube was founded in 2005, and has been owned by Google since 2006, so it has been around for a very long time, and the website is on its peak right now, it’s literally thriving. I don’t know that much of its history, but the one thing I know is that it’s one of the most amazing (if not the one) websites ever created, and I’m so thankful for that. You know, there are lots of horrible videos out there on the website which people should never see in their lives, but that is not the point, that I want to make right now. I may be young to say that big things, but I think Youtube has changed everyone’s life who uses it. Being serious, you all use it for something, maybe just for listening to music and watching a music video, or studying by watching helpful videos, or watching funny videos, watching Youtubers, or anything. And I’m sure it helped you in some way, it may only put a smile on your face, or it even gave you lots of happy, cheerful moments by watching people on there. I don’t know where I was going to go with this little speech, but I just wanted to let you know that Youtube is a great invention. At least, I love it. Continue reading YouTube

Songs Of The Month – November


Wow! November has been such a great month if we only look at the amount of good music (in my opinion) that came out. I literally couldn’t wait untill this month was over so I could share my favourite songs of the month with you. Actually, to be honest with you, I have more than 10 favourites, but I had to pick between them, since I do a top 10 list. November was a pretty good month, and it flew away so quickly I didn’t even have time to realize how fast time goes by. Anyway, I hope you can find some songs you also prefer from my list, even if it’s filled with One Direction. Here my list is, not exactly in order:

1. Torn Apart – Bastille

2. Clouds – One Direction

3. All About It – Hoodie Allen ft. Ed Sheeran

4. Act My Age – One Direction

5. Do They Know It’s Christmas? – Band Aid 30 Continue reading Songs Of The Month – November