Stressful Week


I was going to write about a topic which I am very interested in, but there’s so many things going on and I’m so exhausted, that I’m afraid I can’t post a very well-written post for you, and it won’t be the most exciting post I’ve ever written, but I’m still here. It counts, doesn’t it? I hope so. It’s a miracle for me to write this post now, because I am literally on the edge of falling asleep.

Well, I couldn’t sleep a lot through the past 2 weeks, even though I’m not anyone who sleeps a lot in the school season anyway. I have written so many tests so far, that I could hardly learn for everything every single day, because I have so many classes a day, that it is almost impossible to ‘survive’ a week. For me at least. I mean I already wrote a post about how things go in Hungary, and especially in my school. My school isn’t different from others, but the class I’m in is a bilingual class, so it’s a lot harder than a ‘normal’ class (e.g. 10 classes a day, and so on…). Whatever, I have been awake almost every day till after midnight studying for the next day, and now I feel very poorly. I literally couldn’t wait for Friday to come since Monday. There’s like a ‘test writing period’ going on right now, when every teacher decides that they want us to write tests, and it hasn’t finished yet. It probably won’t until winter break. So I decided to try to sleep as mush as I possibly can on this weekend, but I still don’t know how, because we won’t be home tomorrow. I guess I have to sleep at my relatives’ house, haha. This week I had English, Spanish, maths, biology, and physics tests. I was shocked today, because we had maths test, and our teacher never gives us a test without announcing it a few days before the test, but now he is angry at us (it’s a lot to explain), we were shocked. My grades in maths are pretty bad right now, but I’m trying to improve and study, so I hope for the best.

Anyway, I don’t know about you, but I’ve been feeling very Christmassy lately. I already started to listen to Christmas songs and stuff, and I have to tell you, I love Pentatonix’s new Chritsmas album called That’s Christmas To Me (they’re an acapella group if you didn’t know). I’m listening to it on repeat. It is amazing and there are a lot of my favourite songs on it. White Winter Hymnal is my fave. There’s only a little more than 3 weeks till X-mas, yay! <3 I also recognized that I listen to Taylor Swift’s Blank Space a lot, which scares me, and is very strange, because I hate her. Whenever I hear her songs on the radio, I turn it off. I have not liked her from the beginning, I don’t really like her voice and her music. But I still respect her, and have respected her since the beginning. I just don’t feel like I am ever going to like her. Even though, I think she’s changed a lot lately and I liked the idea of her song Shake It Off, and that she doesn’t care what haters say. And in the Blank Space video I enjoyed that she kind of caricatured herself by being a crazy woman what everyone thinks about here. Woah, this post has turned into a little bit of an opinion kind of post, didn’t it? Haha. Sorry.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post even if it wasn’t that interesting as I wanted it to be. I still tried, right? I’m going to go and sleep now, I deserve it I think. Thanks for being here! See you soon! :)


Bye x



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