Midweek Surprise

Hi! :)

Guess what! I’m here with a midweek surprise, literally. It’s my birthday today, but it’s almost midnight in Hungary so it’s sad that it will be over very soon. All my friends and acquaintances wished me a happy birthday, and they really made me happy by only saying that. I was at school all day studying and stuff, but I spent the late afternoon with my family, which felt really nice. I would not say it is the best birthday of my life so far, but it was pretty enjoyable and fun. It was so heart-warming for me to see my classmates coming to me wishing a very happy birthday. All in all, I liked my birthday, and I love November, and fall generally, so I quite enjoyed it, even if it was pretty cold outside today. Anyway, One Direction’s new album came out on Monday, which I was very excited about, because I love this band so much, and their new music video will be released on Friday, so it’s like a birthday week to me, thanks to 1D. I think I will write a blog post about my opinion on the album called Four, so get ready for that, even if you don’t like them, because this time this album is worth listening to. I’ll be here with another post on Friday, but until then, let me know what’s up with you, because I’m interested. I hope you liked this little post, and thanks for being here! See you soon! :)

Bye x



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