November Update


I’ll talk a little bit about what’s going on with my life, school and stuff, because a lot has happened. I couldn’t be happier right now, because it’s finally Friday, which means it is the end of this terrible week. In the last few weeks I was super busy with writing a lot of tests, especially this week. Only on Monday and Tuesday I wrote five tests, and the rest of the week hadn’t even come then, so I’m pretty exhausted. Almost every day, I could only have gone to sleep after midnight, which made me very tired during daytime. On Monday I had an English test, a maths test, and a Spanish chapter test, and on Tuesday I had a civilization chapter test, and a literature chapter test. I also had to learn Hungarian poems (I think five, I have another one left) and I had to say the poems to my Hungarian literature teacher and I got grades for them (I’m not sure if this sentence is right or not, sorry). I finally can sleep this weekend a lot more, which I’m quite excited about. It may seem a bit lame to you, but this is the life you have to live when you’re in a bilingual high school in Hungary, unfortunately. Anyway, lots of exciting things are going to happen next week, including the launch of the new One Direction album (which I think I’ll do a review kind of thing about), and my birthday is also next Wednesday, yay! I have so many blog post ideas going on in my head right now, which I hope you’ll enjoy reading, when the time comes, too. I’m also looking forward Christmas so much, I can’t even tell you, and it’s almost a month away. I think I’m going to stop here, because I kind of started to talk about random, pointless things, but anyway, I hope you enjoyed reading this update post, even if I wasn’t that great in speaking English in this post (I think that’s because I’m very tired). Thanks for being here! See you soon! :)


Bye x



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