Stressful Week


I was going to write about a topic which I am very interested in, but there’s so many things going on and I’m so exhausted, that I’m afraid I can’t post a very well-written post for you, and it won’t be the most exciting post I’ve ever written, but I’m still here. It counts, doesn’t it? I hope so. It’s a miracle for me to write this post now, because I am literally on the edge of falling asleep.

Well, I couldn’t sleep a lot through the past 2 weeks, even though I’m not anyone who sleeps a lot in the school season anyway. I have written so many tests so far, that I could hardly learn for everything every single day, because I have so many classes a day, that it is almost impossible to ‘survive’ a week. For me at least. I mean I already wrote a post about how things go in Hungary, and especially in my school. My school isn’t different from others, but the class I’m in is a bilingual class, so it’s a lot harder than a ‘normal’ class (e.g. 10 classes a day, and so on…). Whatever, I have been awake almost every day till after midnight studying for the next day, and now I feel very poorly. I literally couldn’t wait for Friday to come since Monday. There’s like a ‘test writing period’ going on right now, when every teacher decides that they want us to write tests, and it hasn’t finished yet. It probably won’t until winter break. So I decided to try to sleep as mush as I possibly can on this weekend, but I still don’t know how, because we won’t be home tomorrow. I guess I have to sleep at my relatives’ house, haha. This week I had English, Spanish, maths, biology, and physics tests. I was shocked today, because we had maths test, and our teacher never gives us a test without announcing it a few days before the test, but now he is angry at us (it’s a lot to explain), we were shocked. My grades in maths are pretty bad right now, but I’m trying to improve and study, so I hope for the best. Continue reading Stressful Week


One Direction – FOUR (Album)


It is finally Friday, yay! Today I’m going to talk a little bit about One Direction’s new album called FOUR, which came out on 17th November, this Monday. On Monday, my first way after dance training led me to the mall, because I wanted to buy the album. I have loved One Direction, and have listened to their music for years, and it was very interesting to see how they have improved over the years.

They already have four albums, and this is the most mature one out of them. They took a huge part of making the album this time. They actually had written almost all the songs from the album themselves, while the songs of their other albums were written by someone to them. The lyrics has majorly changed for the better, these aren’t like the lyrics of What Makes You Beautiful anymore. You can see a huge improvement in their lyrics, and on this album, their feelings are written down, so it’s not like the management or the song writers ‘tell’ them what to sing about. Continue reading One Direction – FOUR (Album)

Midweek Surprise

Hi! :)

Guess what! I’m here with a midweek surprise, literally. It’s my birthday today, but it’s almost midnight in Hungary so it’s sad that it will be over very soon. All my friends and acquaintances wished me a happy birthday, and they really made me happy by only saying that. I was at school all day studying and stuff, but I spent the late afternoon with my family, which felt really nice. I would not say it is the best birthday of my life so far, but it was pretty enjoyable and fun. Continue reading Midweek Surprise

November Update


I’ll talk a little bit about what’s going on with my life, school and stuff, because a lot has happened. I couldn’t be happier right now, because it’s finally Friday, which means it is the end of this terrible week. In the last few weeks I was super busy with writing a lot of tests, especially this week. Only on Monday and Tuesday I wrote five tests, and the rest of the week hadn’t even come then, so I’m pretty exhausted. Almost every day, I could only have gone to sleep after midnight, which made me very tired during daytime. On Monday I had an English test, a maths test, and a Spanish chapter test, and on Tuesday I had a civilization chapter test, and a literature chapter test. I also had to learn Hungarian poems (I think five, I have another one left) and I had to say the poems to my Hungarian literature teacher and I got grades for them (I’m not sure if this sentence is right or not, sorry). Continue reading November Update

Songs Of The Month – October


It’s already November, which means another month passed by, so I’m here with a my favourite songs of last month again. In October I discovered some new artists which I haven’t known before, and I literally listened to these songs to death. I also listened to some covers of a few songs, because I don’t like the original song that much. So here is the list, some of my old favourites which I started to listen again, and some additions, too. (The songs aren’t particularly in order.)

1. Rude – Magic (Cover by The Vamps)

2. Steal My Girl – One Direction

3. Cucurucu – Nick Mulvey

4. Figure It Out – Royal Blood

5. Bad News – Bastille Continue reading Songs Of The Month – October