Hi! :)

Happy Halloween! In Hungary Halloween is not a tradition to celebrate. If someone tries to go trick or treating, then some old ladies will definitely call the police, so don’t try to do that if you’re in Hungary, haha! Even if it isn’t a big holiday here, more and more people dress up in different costumes when it’s Halloween and do their own scary makeup. Since we don’t celebrate Halloween on 31st October, we still have our own day “Mindenszentek”, which is kind of like All Hallow’s Evening, Halloween. We don’t put on scary costumes, but we visit our relatives and close friends who had passed away in the cemetery, and we put flowers on the tomb and we light a candle for them. We remember them on that day, and of course, on other days, too, but 1st November is their special day in Hungary. I don’t know what other countries do, but I think they all do similar things to remember their loved ones. I think it’s a very nice, kind holiday, but it’s also kind of sad, that some people don’t even visit and respect the people who they were related to even on that day, and neither on other days of the year.

This year I got into the fall spirit a little bit more than I usually do, and I carved a pumpkin, which is a big thing, because I think I have only carved one or two pumpkins before. I also decorated my room with some cool looking leaves made out of wood, they’re really pretty. But anyway, enjoy pumpkin carving and trick or treating if you do these this year, I hope I will also experience what these activities feel like one day. I hope you enjoyed this post even a little bit. Happy Halloween! Thanks for being here!


Bye x



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