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Happy Halloween! In Hungary Halloween is not a tradition to celebrate. If someone tries to go trick or treating, then some old ladies will definitely call the police, so don’t try to do that if you’re in Hungary, haha! Even if it isn’t a big holiday here, more and more people dress up in different costumes when it’s Halloween and do their own scary makeup. Since we don’t celebrate Halloween on 31st October, we still have our own day “Mindenszentek”, which is kind of like All Hallow’s Evening, Halloween. We don’t put on scary costumes, but we visit our relatives and close friends who had passed away in the cemetery, and we put flowers on the tomb and we light a candle for them. We remember them on that day, and of course, on other days, too, but 1st November is their special day in Hungary. Continue reading Halloween


What’s Happening?!


I could hardly wait until fall break, but it’s finally here! In Hungary the school break lasts from the end of October until the beginning of November. This year it started on the 23rd of October (which is a National Hungarian Memorial Day), and it will end on the 2nd of November. It’s one of our longest fall breaks in so many years, it’s 11 days. I’m so exhausted, and I needed this break so badly, so I’m happy to finally relax a bit, and have a few days off from school. So many things are happening right now, which I’m so excited about, but I don’t want to share anything with you very early, and until it’s not fixed, and is surely happening. However, I can tell you that it is one of my biggest dreams. I mentioned in one of my posts, that I moved to a new room, which I had wanted to do for so long, but I didn’t know back then in the beginning of September, how I feel having a room which I am alone in (I have shared a room with one of my brothers before). Yeah, almost two months later, I came to a conclusion: I am in love with the thought of having my own room, and that I can decorate it the way I want it to be. It is an awesome feeling to look around and think: “Wow, it’s my own room, everything is mine here”. Continue reading What’s Happening?!

Bruno Mars

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I’m here with a very random topic, but I wanted to talk about it, because it is a part of my life, and this blog is about my life basically. So recently I have been listening to Bruno Mars non-stop. It’s not very new to me, because he is my favourite singer in the whole world, but I have become very nostalgic over the past few weeks and I’ve been listening to his first album called Doo-Wops & Hooligans, which I listened to a whole lot of times back when it came out. I became so obsessed with this album again, that I literally don’t even listen to anything else other than Unorthodoy Jukebox, his second album. Yes, Bruno Mars is my life right now, but also it has been a huge part of my life since 2009, which compared to how old I am, is quite a long time. I had been begging to see him live one day, and that he should come to Hungary at least once. And after all these years… He finally came. He had a concert in Budapest, Hungary last year, in November 2013. I surprised myself with a concert ticket (which was very expensive, but it definitely worth it), because it was my birthday in November, and I didn’t want my parents to pay for it. It was the best night of my life, even if I went alone and a few difficulties happened after the concert when I was leaving. I couldn’t have asked for a better night. So yeah, I can’t wait until his new album comes out next year, and of course for another concert, too. And last, but not least I thought I would tell you what my favourite songs are from both albums, in case you were wondering. I’ll be writing my favourites with bold letters. Continue reading Bruno Mars


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Sorry about not being active lately. I have a lot going on in my life right now, and it’s very hard to still stay positive and strong, and have a lot of energy, even if painful things happen. As I mentioned, I don’t have the best days of my life at the moment, but I try to be optimist and carry on being calm like I naturally am. First of all, I’m a very stressful person, and I suffer anxiety and panic attacks, which happen to be in my life more frequently nowadays. It’s a very hard topic to talk about, and I don’t want to go into details now, because 1. I don’t have enough time for that now, 2. it would be a really long post (I might write a post about it when I feel like the right time comes). Continue reading Update

Songs Of The Month – September

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Here I am again a month later, listing my favourite songs of September for you. There are also some old favourites which I listened to a lot the past month, and I’m not complaining, it was really great to listen to those songs that I haven’t been listening to for a very long time. (The songs are not exactly in order.)

1. Sugar – Maroon 5

2. Photograph – Ed Sheeran

3. The Other Side – Bruno Mars feat. Cee Lo Green & B.o.B

4. Shoot Love – Maroon 5

5. Fun – Troye Sivan Continue reading Songs Of The Month – September