Maroon 5 – V (album)

Hi! :)

Today I thought I would do a quick little post, because I still have a lot to study for school, but as I was listening to the new Maroon 5 album earlier, I felt like I at some point I had to write something about it. I had been waiting for it to come out since summer, and I couldn’t wait for it. It was almost the only one thing which I was excited and couldn’t wait until September.

I have liked Maroon 5 for actually a lot of years, and I’m literally obsessed with their new album, called V. On the standard edition there are 11 songs, and I love all of them.

1. Maps

2. Animals

3. It Was Always You

4. Unkiss Me

5. Sugar

6. Leaving California

7. In Your Pocket

8. New Love

9. Coming Back for You

10. Feelings

11. My Heart Is Open – feat. Gwen Stefani

My personal favourites are Maps, Sugar, and Feelings. They all are quite catchy songs, which I like a lot, because I don’t really prefer very slow songs. Maps is their first single from the album, and I believe they will also realise Sugar as their next single. On the deluxe edition there are three more songs, and my favourite is Shoot Love, which is a funky, quick song as well.

12. Shoot Love

13. Sex and Candy

14. Lost Stars

I’m not a music critic so I can’t tell about all the details of each song, but I just wanted to talk a little about Maroon 5, since I haven’t got more time to write oodles. But I hope you still enjoyed reading about one of my all-time favourite bands’ new album, because I surely enjoyed writing it for you. Thanks for being here! I’ll be back soon!



Bye x



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